How can I turn off the setting which lets people see in which voice channel I am?


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  • Rabid

    I think the only way is to be an admin, make a private voice channel, then set user permissions to make it invisible to that person.
    Otherwise I don't think there is a way to 'hide' from someone on discord, at least not in 'public' channels.

    Don't think even a server 'owner' or admin can be invisible in a voice channel.

  • eagertuna0

    I'm afraid that is generally not possible if you are in a Server with the friend in question.

    As Rabid said, if you are have the "Manage Channels" permission, you may make a channel that is hidden from a select person (To do this, disable said person's "View Channel" and "Connect" permissions).

    Sadly, the server owner and admins will see all private voice channels, even if the owner disallows the admin role from seeing them, so you will not be hidden if your friend is an admin.

    If you do not have proper permissions, you would need to make a new server (which you could ban your friend from) or you could make a group DM. If the friend is not in the server/group, they will be unable to see if you are in a call.

  • halo4hire

    i think they mean when you open your friends list, it shows what people are active and where they are. i too would like to hide this myself, but have no idea currently as to how. i've been told even if i were invisible, it still shows what server i'm connected to in voice. rather annoying because i've had people i didn't want to talk to on certain days, in some cases where they infuriated me and i just want to cool off away from them, attack me for being in someone elses server. needless to say, we aren't friends anymore, but i digress, friends can see what voice channel you are in in the Active Now.
    like so:


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