Option in user settings to set "Reply ping's the author" to default off.


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  • Krixwell

    I came to find and upvote a suggestion like this because I left similar feedback on Twitter and the official account directed me to the feedback tracker, so I wanna quote the argument I made on Twitter here:

    "@discord Hi! About replies... wouldn't it make more sense for pings to be off by default? A lot of people don't like to ping or be pinged unnecessarily, and with ping default on, it's very easy to do so by accident. If it defaulted off, you'd only ping someone when you meant to.

    If you forget to turn it off while it defaults on, you can't take back the ping and people get annoyed. If it defaulted off and you forgot to turn it on, however, it would annoy no one and all you'd have to do to correct it would be to ping them the usual way."

  • Mattie

    Totally agree.

  • Rf Buecheler

    this suggestion is already 2 years old and discord seems to be deaf to it. there are several similar requests in this support forum to either set the default to @ OFF or have a setting in which it can be set to off


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