the ability to see how many servers you're in


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  • MeLlamanHokage

    Here’s a workaround that doesn’t involve counting or injecting potentially malicious code into your account

  • samrichs

    Just signed in to sign this petition! Dear Discorders! Please do it!

  • Twisted_Code

    Discord: limits you to 100 (or 200 with Nitro) servers

    also Discord: doesn't tell you how close you are to the limit

    solution: probably about 15 lines of code (Disclaimer:I don't do JS or HTML). Maybe more depending on how much of a mess the application is...

    all I know is I'm probably over the 100 again. Partly to blame, the fact that every single Minecraft mod developer wants to have their OWN server, and I need support for a lot of them...

  • Nicole

    Here is the more safety and easier way.

    Sign in to the website then you will see how many servers you in

  • Maverick21

    I feel like there should be a better way to do this than just using a website

  • Maverick21

    joex92 do I open all the discord folders to check the server count

  • Ueed ruhs

    Keeping track of numerous servers can be a challenge. While Discord doesn't currently offer a built-in counter for the number of servers you're in, there are a couple of workarounds:

    Server List (Desktop App):
    On the desktop app, you can get a general idea by glancing at the left sidebar. The server name icons appear stacked there.

    Search (All Platforms): Use the search bar (top-left corner) to type a random string (e.g., "xyz"). This will trigger a search across all your servers, showing how many servers have that string somewhere (though it won't necessarily be a perfect count).

    Here's hoping Discord implements a server counter in the future, but these methods can be a temporary solution for now check silosanctuary.

  • Lina Kouri

    Unfortunately, due to Discord's Terms of Service, directly accessing server information through code is not allowed. This means there isn't a built-in feature to see exactly how many servers you're in at a glance.

    However, there are a couple workarounds you can try:

    • Manual Counting: While not ideal for a large number of servers, you can scroll through the server list in the Discord client or the app.
    • Server Folders (Desktop App Only): If you use the Discord desktop app, you can organize your servers into folders. This can help you visualize the total number of servers you're in by the number of folders you have created.

    I understand the desire for a quick and easy way to see the total server count. Hopefully, Discord will consider adding this feature in the future! but you can check the Vally Plant Training as well for training.


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