Have an option to make status activities override the custom status


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  • cark

    Just clear it and add it after? If you rather it to say playing/listening then what difference does it make lol

  • Owdra

    That's true, haha! That's just my pickiness kicking in, sorry! :'))

  • Akaime Nara

    and how is it placed? D:


  • ghlegend195

    I'm with you on this cark. Maybe I'm lazy, but I feel it would be intuitive if the game/activity overwrote your custom status.

  • cark

    Just disable it if you want to show listening/playing status lol

  • Mystik

    This. I totally understand why it overrides them by default, because a user explicitly sets it. But I would also like an option to let the status activities to override the custom status.

    This way it should automatically "resume" the custom status after the other activity has ended - so we don't have to set the status again ourselves.

  • KC

    i agree with this, i'd like to be able to pick what takes precedence over having a custom status. if not, i think it'd be fine if custom statuses were shown when there's no other activity going on.

  • ross

    I want this, too. Custom Status is a great feature, but I'd love it way more if I could tell Spotify to take precedence!

  • Dumelax

    Having a priority list for which activity overrides other activities display for everyone through your Discord client would actually be perfect; having a menu with sliding options just like server organization would be top notch. 👌🏻

  • ヒロ

    Don't you think it's good that way? In my opinion, I find it feasible to leave it that way without any changes. I understand your side, but we knew it, it looks so much better the way it is. haha :DD 

  • Amanie

    This is why "an option" is being asked for, since not everyone thinks it's good this way.

  • Allen

    Discord plz.

  • Foosen

    Yes! This should've been an option from lunch.

  • Yuumi

    So one of my friends got this custom status on forever, and I can never see when he's in a game unless I check on his profile, or my phone. It would be nice if you get set friends game status to overwrite their custom status while they are playing a game :c

  • DaTurkeyslayer

    Definitely agree! Especially as a streamer this would be super nice! To have a nice welcome message or saying, but also not remove your live streaming status or just game you are playing during a collab and such.

  • MattSteve

    This needs to be implemented. Discord automatically indicating to friends what it is your doing was a great way for them to make calls on what they want to do. I know that I am not alone in looking at discord status's as a way of judging what I want to do example: log in and see 3 out of 5 friends are playing x game and 2 are playing x. Awesome I now have two games to choose from which have guaranteed interest. Likewise if no one is playing anything I would like to see their custom 'flair' of what they put as a custom status. And as someone who has set a custom status I would much prefer the status to auto update to something if I start doing something letting others know what I am doing. This all is and should remain opt-outable.

  • Sausytime

    I'm still hoping for this feature. Sure I can clear my custom status each time but I'd much rather it be automatic. The amount of times I'd be clearing my custom status would be insane.

    This is such a massive quality of life feature that would improve my (and I'm sure many others') user experience greatly.

  • Patricia Norton

    Please add this discord


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