Second Text Channel Overlaying Another for Admins


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  • KerbalBoy

    When you say 'overlaying', do you mean a second channel related to the first channel, that can only be used by admins? If so, just make another channel that only admins can see, and name it the same as the first channel. If you don't mean that, then *please* tell me what you do mean.

    Adding a keybind to jump to a certain channel would be a nice feature, but it would be much better if you explained how it would work. A user would only have a maximum of about 26 keybinds, so tying an entire keybind to just one channel might not work. Please explain your ideas ^-^

  • Karate Wumpus
    We need this, or just some kinda way for admins to stay in 1 channel while talking to both users and other admins. This could be really helpful for servers with ticket systems where they dont want to go to another channel when writing stuff for the admins for example.
  • Jeiku

    Yes, essentially what Karate Wumpus said. Maybe type in the same channel and do a "//" or something before a message (only for people with a role like admin) and that would make a message only admins can see, also could be in a different color. Sorry I was vague initially but now I think it's really good. A person without admin/moderator role would not be able to see these messages.


    Example: "//they're immature so im just gonna ban them"




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