Add Audible as a Profile Connection


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  • Acco
    Wouldn't it be cool if you could listen to audiobooks through discord?
  • BLoody19912
    If I were for that, please do it :)
  • KoJax

    I put in a formal request for New Ideas with Audible today for this connection. I explained the benefits of a Profile Connection, comparing it to Spotify's current connection... how they could easily link out to Audible and even the specific book being listened to within the Audible Library. 

    Book clubs are already all over Discord, being able to actively show and promote books via Audible for users to see would be fantastic! Fingers crossed! 

    Discord would benefit from more users joining to link up within Book Clubs too! I really think this would be a fantastic idea! 

  • Eran

    Yeah having this would be pretty cool. Though I'm not that hopeful since it's Amazon.

  • Silberback

    Interested on this as well. It's been a while but bumping this up to gain traction.

  • reshi

    Please add an Audible connection.

  • Namako

    Would be cool, bumps

  • ToxcsmWolf

    Yeah, bump up


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