Profile picture bug


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  • Nebulae

    Indeed. A friend of mine also has the same problem. His old profile picture kept on reappearing at times, although he had already changed his profile picture. I really hope they solve the problem on time!

  • ditpowuh

    I have the same issue. I have not seen any of my friends have this issue.

    It's getting kinda annoying. I really hope they fix it soon.

  • Seek

     Exactly same issue. Really annoying.

  • anemowonae

    Same issue, even the PFP it's showing as I write this comment is the incorrect one :/ It's been going for over a month for me now, no matter how many times I change. 

  • Jägermeister

    Same here, and it's always the same picture it reverts to. (Sometimes it shows no picture at all)

  • mandi

    I've had the same issue for over two weeks now. It happens on both desktop and the mobile app, so reinstalling wouldn't do any good, and other people see the changes too. Super irritating. 

  • sagespo09

    That has been happening to me as well. I thought the mods were messing with me and changing it back. Keeps changing or sometimes it doesn't show up at all. Or it shows up as my old one on the bottom left corner.

  • angelheart

    i've had this problem for a while now. i want to set up a profile with tatsumaki but it's really annoying because it won't display a profile picture. it just shows the generic purple discord icon. i'm assuming it's bc of this. 

  • dumb gorilla

    yeah it's still happening a month later, and i have no idea why

  • marzya

    okay seriously I’ve seen the same person literally four times please fix this-

  • franks

    Yeah, it's starting to happen to me now too.

  • becca

    whenever i try to change it, my profile picture won’t change.


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