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  • Bo0sted

    Concept art


  • Rizon

    Discord please add this!

  • OGDinoPlushie

    Bump this pleasssssse, this needs to be added. There’s a non-verified bot called LastSeen, and it’s maxed out in servers, so for Server Owners who need to be consistent of when people are online and when they’re offline, it would really really help!

  • lp

    Also helps in following situation:

    Have DMs from people we used to play together (no friends list or same servers), we have disbanded, time passed, need to convo with said people, no idea whether they ever use the platform or not.

    I could text anyway, but dunno if expect reply or not. Just 2 cents :)

  • Drosera

    The only thing confusing is that this hasn't been implemented yet. 

  • sarena

    I don't want this feature. I like being hidden from everyone.

  • Deleted User 2865f68c

    sarena Care?

  • Kerriganson

    This feature is very needed, there are plenty of other posts on the same topic. Will be useful for administrators to see when a user was last seen online to keep the community in shape and remove inactive people from important roles.

  • dracenmarx

    Please implement this! I want to see if a friend is still alive (seriously)

  • @flapjaq

    This is a good idea, the only problem is that if a user sets their status to invisible are they suppost to count it as online or offline? Other than that they should definitely add this feature.

  • 000bluephoenix000

    I love this idea! And i think for the comment about what about those who set their status to invisible, then their online/offline count will also be invisible meaning no one will know how long theyve been on or offline. When they turn off their invisible status though, it'll become visible to everyone again that they've just gone online.

  • Ruth Arendse

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  • gclocker

    +1 This would be super helpful


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