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  • Erenis

    Huge oversight in my opinion. But it looks like a newly introduced feature so things like that happen.
    Discord dev team, not all of us use Discord for games. Some do only for socializing/staying in contact so a huge tab showing people who are currently playing games is a waste of UI space.

  • Sno

    I really dislike the UI change. Why is it so large? Why can't I change how wide the tab is? Why can't I just REMOVE IT? Why developing it when most people will NOT use it anyways? This is NOT the way to encouraging gamers to socialize. It is more of a way of gamers to complain at forum I don't even want to be. 

  • Sno

    and Oh yea. especially when you have no friends that play games. The whole Fing tab is empty void to remind me I have nobody to play games with. Thanks discord to remind me of my depressions. 

  • TheMarkus1204

    I have to say I really dislike that "feature", too! Friends list is just cluttered now and it does not really look good!


    Please give us the option to hide / remove that "Active now" Tab as it is more annoying than good!

  • TheMarkus1204

    Also: If I click on a friend in the "Friends" list, why am I seeing the Profile and not directly the Screen where I can write Messages?

    And WHY THE HECK are ALL Friends cramped together in the ONLINE TAB? ONLINE as well as OFFLINE! What SENSE does it make to have such a cluttered List in the ONLINE TAB? In the ONLINE TAB I only want to see friends that are ACTUALLY ONLINE!

  • Niti

    this feature being uncontrollable is problematic when your friends stream nsfw things and it forces it into the pane ;v;

  • Kadah

    This panel should be collapsible. It is not something I will ever use.

  • Sno

    So there is more than just me getting frustrated by this 'feature' 

    As developer I would just disable this tab for now, put some more research on this. 

    And, this wouldn't be a huge deal of information for the head of development making decisions. Remember this; You are making a app for the users. That said, don't you know what users want and don't want? if not, have the research team done their job? did the field research point out majority of the app users are wanting for such a change? I'm very sure most users hate this new tab you brought to us. 

    my advice? disable the tab until further research, what it can and cannot archive, what to add or to remove. You don't achieve communication or more social interaction with a randomly added tab. 

    I must stop myself for going further. I wonder how companies with multiple talented people can make dumb decisions like this.

  • SpecOpsElite

    Skype is already ruined..............Don't f*ck up discord too! The new active panel sucks and so does the new friends list! It sucks....plain and simple....

  • LoneWolf

    I just updated and see this stupid tab now. Who thought this was a smart idea? Adding more clutter to a relatively clean UI is not something I would ever want. As has been pointed out we don't need an activity tab when the Friends list already shows what, if anything people are playing. Duplicating functionality and making a mess of the UI at the same time is quite impressive though. Keep it up and you'll be getting gradually replaced by a more streamlined competitor. It happened to Skype.

  • Erenor

    I do completely agree with the other users: adding something that GREATLY modifies the UI without any option to disable/remove/hide/resize it, is GREATLY irresponsible. In my opinion, of course. 


    But, since we are GOOD users and very inventive people, we can achieve what we want even if we are not allowed to. It's not a way to cheat or something, it's something to let you, the developers, know that something you did is not pleasant. Anyway, this is how:

    1. Open main Discord window (where you can see the hated tab)
    2. Press Ctrl+Shift+I (i did this in Windows, don't know about the keybind in Macintosh or any other OS) to open Developers console
    3. In the "elements" tab search for the element called "nowPlayingColumn" and something (mine was "nowPlayingColumn-2sl4cE", for example)
    4. Select the element (you would see a very nice blue area hovering the "active now" tab
    5. Add the CSS "display:none;" to the element, or simply press "Canc/Del" (depends on your keyboard's layout and language) to completely remove the tab

    I don't know if removing that element would cause problems to Discord, maybe it's better to stick to the CSS rule. 

    Of course, if you close Discord and open it again, the tab will return and you will need to hide it again. 

    I hope the Developers will try to behave in a more user-friendly way, next time they add a "feature". 


  • Darkangel NeXuS

    Going to agree with everyone else here... I get that developers get bored sometimes, and they just go on a tangent and do "things"... but needlessly adding a "feature" that serves little to NO purpose, and adding "priority" sorting to friends lists is just bad.

    1) People get USED to knowing where on their VAST friends list someone is generally going to be located. By adding this new sorting thing, you've taken that away from them. meaning now we must hunt for the person we want to talk to in the list. Waste of time and effort. Make things BETTER not WORSE..

    2) The "active now" pane is pointless. We could see what people were doing before. That's what the status indicators, and text are for.. remember? The fact that this pane not only sucks up SO much space, and is completely unnecessary adds to this sense of disdain for the new changes.

    3) On top of these things, when i was greeted with a button that informed me there was an option for these things, and name sorting.. i clicked "no thanks" assuming it would NOT enable these drastic changes. Guess that wasn't the case either.

    At the end of the day, these changes neither help users in any way, and are actually detrimental to the discord experience as a whole.  Please.. UNDO this. Roll it back. Give us a toggle in settings to turn it off, something.. because as it is now.. it's dreadful.


  • Gyeongeun

    Indeed, i think an option to disable it would be great.

  • StregKoden

    Yeah, please added the option for disable. For time of writing this.
    I don't work that much. I see like 5-10 people playing games but first now.
    It set one friend play in that tab. before non. (maybe some other settings can turn of showing, and that is why)
    but still. I will never use it. Just like it simple as before.

  • TundraWolf

    Please let us turn this pane off. I use discord on a variety of platforms, including a Surface and the active now pane takes up a third of a very small for no real purpose.


    UPDATE: I need to add to this that the active now gives away what other users are doing in the group. That mean that our 'murder' was solvable in milliseconds by opening the client and displaying the active now tab. I appreciate that there are other ways around it but, come on. Discord has plenty of UI problems as it is, this still serves no purpose, well, other than making all our 'police detectives' redundant.

  • Crit

    Please add an option to toggle this on/off. Wastes so much space on laptop sized screens.

  • Erad
    I also use discord for work and I don't want to see this tab!
    Why did you do that ????
    Add an option to deactivate it !!
  • Cael Thunderwing

    i'm with everyone on this, Please Disable this. most of us will have our friends on Steam/Epic/Uplay or WTFEverStoreHere. if we wanna know what they're playing we ask, most of us will tend to ask our friends if they're upto something.

    i doubt ANYONE asked for this! and given BetterDiscord is now a bannable offense we cant use that to Hide it!

    i know many who use Discord for other things than gaming. this is an unwanted intrusion on those people too!

  • TheMarkus1204

    I found a way to AT LEAST have the friends list the normal way.

    DISALLOW "Use data to improve discord". After disabling this, the friends list was back the way it was before the update. Meaning in the online tab ONLY friends that are actually online!

    Sadly it does NOT remove the "Active now" bar or the reactions bar by hovering over existing messages!

  • Tarshana

    So who hired all the Karens for this new Facebook 2.0? I do not NOT need to know what my friends are doing or their activity. Please, remove this narcissistic need to tell everyone what you're doing.

  • Sylxeria

    Tossing my two cents in as well:  Being able to turn the "feature" off would be nice.

  • TheMarkus1204

    Friends List got covered by now and is the way it was before. Even clicking on a name does NOT open the Profile but instead goes directly to the chat. GOOD JOB THERE!


    BUT two things, no... rather 2.5 things need to be fixed still:

    a) "Active Now" Bar. Plain Annoying and does not serve a purpose as you can clearly see what your friends are doing in the friends list! AND not all of us want to appear there in the List when playing a game! So IF you want to keep that feature, give us at least an option to DISABLE it AND give us an option to opt-out being displayed there!


    b) "Reaction Bar". A thing really no one needs! It is really annoying in WEB-UI if you want to EDIT a message since you don't have a context-Menu so you need to click on the dots to the right. AND it is annoying in Desktop UI either just if you want to scroll over old messages. This Popup is an EYE CATCHER (and not in a positive way!) It simply distracts when you are reading old messages!


    c) Lines between Message Blocks. Even if those are thin grey, they help separating message blocks making reading messages far easier. The style of the line for "New Messages" does not look good either but is a thing I can live with!

  • nooblal

    +1 for having an option to hide/disable this

  • Watermelondotcom

    +1 for having an option to hide/disable this

  • crimsonbunnyy2k

    Gonna add to the pile of requests wanting a way to collapse the tabs.

  • Autumnmane

    Personally I find the Active Now tab really invasive as well as taking up far too much space.

    I don't want to creep on what every single person in my mutual servers is doing when they're not talking to me, especially when they have no way to opt out of displaying it and I have no way to toggle the tab off.

    Like many people have said, we already have a perfectly good way to display what games/apps we're playing, and it's one we get to actually opt in or out of. I don't see why this tab is necessary at all, let people have some privacy, Discord isn't Facebook, geeze. 

  • Chimera

    the "Active Now" feature is an invasion of privacy, short and simple.  It needs to get lost.  Why can anyone on my friend list "go to server" in a server I'm in, when that server in question is clearly not intended to have them view what is going on in it?  If I meant for them to know, I'd invite them.  Since I didn't, it clearly means that it only concerns me and whoever is actually supposed to be there.  Why does anyone even have to know that I'm in a server at all?  

  • Tiger

    How this has not yet been addressed is ridiculous. A quick Google search, for "Discord Active Now tab", demonstrates how unpopular this obnoxious feature is. Please, give us the option to close/hide this unnecessary waste of screen real estate.


  • DrBagPhD

    It's actually god damn moronic you can't disable that eyesore. What a letdown.

  • Jem

    This is a BIG privacy issue!   I run a guild in a large game with lots of espionage and such going on.  I have many friends, and yes, some that can't keep their damn mouths shut.  Now that didn't used to be an issue since I can lock anyone out of channels as needed.  But now with this ACTIVE NOW list, the damn thing is showing a PRIVATE VOICE CHANNEL that only a select few know exists at ll.  It shows whos in it too?!?  How can that be?  It's set so no one is able to see it except the people in voice at the time but is being overridden by that active now BS. 

    Give me a button to opt out of that and I dont' know wtf you guys were thinking, but it should NEVER show private voice channels by default - for ANY reason!!!

    SO disappointed in Discord right now.


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