Thanks, I hate the new design


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  • popeeyy

    the chin room between the last message and the message bar is setting me off so bad WHY IS IT SO SHORT

  • RavenousSix

    Another bad UI update with no way to revert back and keep the old one. They keep making the client more and more bloated. This is getting really bad. Fire the UI people.

  • Ondra

    I'm really pissed off about this because in the recent months, the design has been really nice and consistent throughout the whole app. Now it's bad again. These are not bad changes, just please make them optional. Most importantly, add an option to bring back the line between messages. Thank you.

  • Menolith

    They just did a pass to reduce clutter in the app, and then immediately added more.

    While I use the app, I move the cursor around. A lot. That makes the window constantly flicker between highlighted comments and the reaction bar which is the antithesis of minimal, and it produces a constant stream of annoying visual noise that I don't see the point of. The old dividers delineated the comments well enough, so why is the more intrusive dynamic highlighting necessary? Similarly, the old options/reactions button was subtle, and I don't see *why* it needs to pop out in all its expanded glory like that now.

  • haish

    hate the new floating emoji thing cant turn it off so ugly why would they think thats a good idea its not hard to click on the old one just adding shit for no reason revert it

  • Master Pepsi
    • I agree,
    • I agree,
    • I agree,
    • Again, I agree,
    • Yeah, though they will definitely fix that,
    • This is why you always adjust the settings in any program,
    • Exactly,
    • While the "Active Now" feature did not bother me before, ever since the update it does.
    • This has been a problem before the design change, but I wouldn't really call it a "problem". Discord doesn't have a built-in eye tracker feature, so how do you think it's supposed to know whether your eyes are resting on a new message or not? And yes, the red bar disappears once you change to a different text channel.
    • The emoji that are shown are your top 3 most used emoji. This data is based on your device, not your account, so it may change depending on what device you are on.
  • 『EmeraldSnorlax』

    this redesign is *absolutely* garbage.
    please revert changes, or at least make an option to change back to the old client.

    spacing looks horrible, you cant distinguish between messages, the new icon indicator looks wrong, and that god damn emoji picker wont go away. its just distracting.

    not to mention the constant flickering when you move your mouse over messages, because causing your users to have an epileptic fit is part of The Discord Experience (tm)

    good job, youve managed to make one of the worst ui / ux ive ever seen. thats an achivement, congrats!

    this is the definition of feature creep.

  • HookedMermaid

    Considering the fact that the KEEP DOING THIS, they're not listening to their users. People on reddit are questioning why this newest bad updated wasn't beta'd for feedback. If they actually gave a damn about the user experience, they'd be beta testing UI and not just forcing it onto us. 

    It's so cluttered. Like, unbelievably unsightly. I had to reboot my pc and in doing so ended up with the updated UI. In the span of a couple of minutes I went from a UI that was actually a pleasure to use to this utter crap. 

    We hated it when you forced the emote box to float over everything. We hate the pop out that covers text in the top right corner. Where are the lines between user posts? It's making chat that moves fast near impossible to read... and the highlighting... omfg the highlighting! 

    Everything is too squashed, the pop outs are intrusive, the highlights are annoying. 

    Roll it back for the love of god and actually beta test your changes!

    Adding to this - the red 'new message' line. Unnecessary. How it was before was easy to read and unobtrusive. That's what we want, features to be unobtrusive and easily readable, not whatever this new UI is.

  • jackjt8

    Just rebooted my PC to be meet with this new UI. Just moving my mouse around causes a lot of flickering due to the floating emoji thing. I would hate to see what's it's like on light mode.

    Otherwise I have to agree with most of the points made here. This update really needs to be rolled back and tested.

  • Shadow

    @HookedMermaid Actually they put it on beta, it was just too short maybe.
    Announcement in Discord Testers server on January 29th:

    Hello Discord Tester Peoples, I have just deployed a pretty big refactor of our messages components for you to test. There are lots of changes in here, both visually and foundationally. The high level TL;DR is that they messages are overall more compact and modernized. I invite you to try them out, find bugs, but also try and give yourself some time to get used to the new way they look. I have included a little accessibility slider under Appearance where you can customize the space between message groups, but I would really appreciate it if you could try and keep an open mind and sit on the defaults to see how they might feel. Often the most valuable feedback is the feedback you have after a few days of use and giving it an honest try"

    At that time, it was available only on Canary.

  • brandog484

    I never knew how much I loved and appreciated the old UI until I was staring at this new update. Change for the sake of change is not necessarily good. I could reluctantly get used to some of these changes but the highlighting has no purpose and looks awful. Please make all the changes from this update optional 

  • HookedMermaid

    @Shadow This wasn't enough time, and if the community feedback is anything to go by, it should've been beta tested MUCH longer. I'm hard considering deleting the app and praying it doesn't change on mobile. Which makes my life incredibly difficult because I own and manage a bunch of community servers. 

    But the changes are messing with my vision, making me nauseous, and giving me anxiety. 

  • mechler

    Please revert this change or build in the ability to go back. This is so CHONKY and doesn't add anything functionally except the ability to misclick emoji reactions onto messages.

  • Zaivinx

    These changes should absolutely be a toggle in options. The visual noise being forced on everyone is incredibly frustrating and the changes feel unnecessary for the most part. This is the first time I've personally had a big issue with a Discord UI update.

    Let us revert to the UI before this obtrusive change.

  • daytona ry

    It is not often that something like this bothers me, but this is so ABSOLUTELY TRASH they have finally managed to piss me off. we don't need any more bloat and non negotiable extra menus and bullshit- it's ruining the use that discord has in the first place because the UI team have their heads up their asses and won't actually fully acknowledge  community opinion!

  • Shadow

    @HookedMermaid Yes indeed. I just meant it was actually put in beta but surely the time wasn't enough (around 5 days).

  • Whoandwhy

    @daytona ry

    that's too much credit, they probably don't even have a UI team judging by this update.

  • Tails

    just give us an option to opt out, please


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