Auto scrolling is BUSTED. FIX IT NOW !


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  • Preston Garvey

    unfortunately, that's intentional

  • Did Your Mother ***A Snowman!?

    This UI update is just poorly implemented, this should've gone through an extensive beta phase first; instead everyone is forced into it... they should've expected backlash.

    I'm not gonna say people should lose their jobs over this, because they shouldn't; but the live release process should've been handled better.

    ^EDIT in BOLD Thanks for the clarification @HookedMermaid [AtticMum]

  • HookedMermaid

    @Did Your Mother ***A Snowman!? 

    There was a Beta phase, but it was very short, especially considering how many changes were implemented. The beta phase needed to be longer. If anything, they should roll back and take the current changes, plus community feedback (which has been overwhelmingly negative for specific changes) and put it back in beta for a couple of weeks.

  • Z4ckFairX

    The auto scrolling is possibly the worse thing they could've forced to the PC version where you can have discord open on your second monitor and just scroll down with mouse wheel the chat without focusing on the window. Now it's absolutely impossible to do this because it just keep going up to the red new line every time a new post is made. It literally just kills any chances to use discord when doing anything else other then just looking at it.

    I do hope every person involved in this update loses their jobs for doing such a poor job and implementing feature that are just plain bad or not needed and making everyone experience worse.

  • _TheD0ct0r_

    Still not fixed


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