People, where are your complaints? We must not stop resisting!


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  • starseed the auticorn

    I think people are giving up. Discord has had this update for a while now, and they aren't listening or saying they will do what it takes to make changes. It really sucks because I bet a majority of their members or users have some sort of health issue that's triggered by the horrible UI. The only thing they really truly care about is Nitro and promoting that. I really wish they would fix this because it's very hurtful on my eyes. It's disorienting for my ADHD/Autism combo, and it really REALLY stresses me out to no end. I love how they say "oh we'll do anything for accessibility", yet they come out with this lousy UI that is literally murder on the people they said they'd do anything for. I know a few people do like it, and I think they could have a work around for people with health issues that can revert back or fix it or something.

  • Droid

    Auticorn. I don't have any health problems... But looking at the new interface, I feel both moral and physical discomfort( in the form of eye fatigue, irritability and headache). When I saw this interface for the first time, I felt sick and dizzy. Yes-I am very sensitive to any changes... I can imagine how hard it is for you - disabled people... If the developers do not fix the situation, we will have to leave this place and go after the old interface...

  • 𝑲̡̫̳

    Guys! its not too late! i just found a way to completely fix the new UI despite the discord dev team saying they couldn't / wouldn't!

    You need the website version though.

  • DeiLwynnA

    cancelled my nitro because of this update

  • starseed the auticorn

    If only I could get Stylish to work. ;w;

  • Droid

    2 13 20, how it works, you can find detailed information in the form of a guide how to fix it?


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