Company & TAX / VAT ID for Invoices


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  • braaaur


  • 22IT

    as more and more companies are using discord, this is essential

  • IT Event

    Definitely needed, even if not a company in some countries (eg Portugal) VAT invoices are still required

  • MissMayaVU

    Yes, please!

    This would be great.

  • ToTheTop

    Yes please! My Finances lady always complaints to me about no proper invoices :( 

  • Kovács Laci

    Yes-yes-yes please! This is the ONLY thing that prevents us from paying for Discord. In fact, we paid for a subscription, but when I realized I cannot get a VAT invoice, I asked for a refund (and it was refunded).

  • Rheptor

    Next years renewal will probably be cancelled if there’s no invoice available.

    I would really appreciate this!

  • MadDog

    Any Update? Need the invoice + vat option otherwise no nitro

  • Mintlou

    No invoice, no Nitro for me.

  • ilgit.yildirim

    Kovács Laci same thing here. I also stopped the subscription when I realized I can't get an invoice.

  • Kabuja_Live

    Please go for it! We need invoice + VAT, please!

  • filipecorreia

    Can anyone share Discord's VAT-ID? Possibly by checking one of their receipts. I will need it to file an expense claim in my company.

  • Kovács Laci

    Let me know if you manage to get a proper receipt from them. I tried and failed, finally asked for refund (and my payment was refunded). It's a funny company: they claim they don't need money from other companies :(

  • Max

    2 years and still no proper billing?

    At least the stickers department is working overtime.

  • reinhold


  • JennyBear

    Yep, please, this is so needed! It's one of those features not much people will ask for, because it only matters to company owners... but it's super important!

  • yanosch

    Yes! We want to move to discord with our company entirely

  • Soywiz

    Woops, just subscribed to nitro + 5 boosts totally expecting this would be available. I'm really disappoined after knowing that's not the case. Not even any public signals from discord about this topic.

    Do you know folks if there is a place where I could upvote this? Should I request a refund in the meantime and explain my users about the decision?

  • Richard Keil

    Just wanted to spend loads of money on nitro boosts. But we need our VAT on the invoice.
    How can this still not be available?

  • Wojciech Redmann

    Same here... Need invoice with VAT-ID please..

  • Rheptor

    Hi gnufiaw,

    thanks for the effort. But how does the link differ from this topic? The link is just a forward to the index of


  • Giorgio

    Same here! Need it!

  • Jan | Megagon Industries

    Yes! We also need this!!

  • Stefan

    Can't drop a ton of nitro on our server, simply because there is no VAT invoice available for our company. As so many others in this thread.

  • dreamup

    I've confirmed the issue by sending in a ticket requesting an invoice with a VAT number. The current default response is that Discord doesn't do invoices because it's only B2C. I've insisted that more and more companies could be paying for their employees to have Nitro in the servers they're using for work, so it's not that simple. 

    If you've recently payed for Nitro and need a proper invoice, consider opening a ticket as well explaining your situation:


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