Deleting a call log history within DMs


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  • donovan_dmc

    You can delete the messages about the calls you started, which is exactly as it should be.


  • Avin_Chaos

    Clicking delete does nothing unfortunately. Is there some other way to remove this message?

  • Final Draft 📘

    Will this issue ever get resolved? Because it's irritating when you're trying to clear out clutter from your conversations and you can't delete the message that records a call has been made.

  • Avin_Chaos

    Doesn't seem like it, though I did notice that I can close the DM to remove it from my active conversation list

  • Final Draft 📘

    How is that? It doesn't work that way for me.

  • Balneor

    I can confirm this issue is still very much here. I communicate between two different accounts of mine, and I accidentally pressed call once, which created the message you see in this cap (in French).

    And no, I wasn't given the option to delete it on either of my accounts, thereby it being permanently stuck.

  • 0jparker

    Hi There,

    Bumping this as a feature request. In my opinion if its a user message that shows up in my data packet and in the search bar as my message then it should be able to be deleted. If its kept as its a system message then it shouldn't be either in the search bar as my message or in my data packet as my message.

  • Gi

    Hell yes! I would love to see this feature in the upcoming versions of discord.


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