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    Hey there,

    Can you tell us what specifically do you find harder to do?

    Can you expand on what you mean by you can't read what you type?

    Can we get screenshot examples?

  • Zenny

    Samsung Mobile Discord interface no longer has easy access to "mention" other users by a simple tap on their profile. Before, we were able to tap on someone's circle for quick mention accessibility, but now it requires us to type "@" and then characters after in order to direct mention.
    Then there's the original method of "quote" and respond that way, however this method takes time and is not entirely what is always the necessary action a user may need to run.
    The bigger issue is that, when needing to look up users with special characters, we can no longer quick tap to access their bot look-ups, mentions etc. Now, we have to actually find their profile, find where a bot has mentioned their username in its own font which can then be copied and pasted. Afterwards, we must backspace everything copied except for their user characters, then place an "@" before the characters. It is an extremely unnecessary, round-a-bout way of trouble for searching users with special characters.

    To simplify what I mean: When typing (@abc), the suggestions of users with special characters will not come up, therefore it takes a long search to find where a user may have typed before, or to search members online etc. So much trouble, and it's caused me to use Discord a lot less, in fact about half as much as I used to.


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