Allow users to report a message to server admins


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  • $h4døw__Hunt3r

    Some bots are able to do that if setup correctly
    Don't remember the name of it tho but I remember that there is a bot that can work like that
    (E.g. `!report [reason] ` and in a certain staff only channel the report shows up as
    User reporting: <@userid>
    Abusing User: <@userid>
    Channel: <#channelid>
    Reason given: [reason]
    Report id: [random set code by bot]

  • Emily

    You can use a bot such as Auttaja for this

  • Emilien

    Great idea. And please, don't talk me "bots can do that". It's is better if you right click in the message and you click "report" for the biggest server. It's actually impossible to modetate a server of 26k membres for me.
    Sometimes, members mention me but no every times and also I am not always connected and my friands mods are connected.

  • argent_

    I too would love to see something like this. I imagine it working like all the other message interactions (i.e. right click / long press), where users can select a Report message and be prompted for an optional reason. The report message, ideally with a link and an embed, would then go to a designated channel. 

    This would probably be easier with Discord Communities at first, because there is already a precedent for establishing a mod channel, but it would be nice for everyone to have access to it.

  • Floffah

    hopefully when the new bot api is released someone will (i might) make a bot for right clicking and reporting since it is a feature they showcased in the blog post


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