100 Guild Cap


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  • SeVen Zilver

    I highly agree I hate having to always leave lots of servers full of awesome emotes to use for my nitro just so I can help support my friends and create a bunch of my servers to can you guys please make it to like be 1,000 server that one can be in we already have server folders to sort thru our servers with ease.


    I agree with these two pretty petal please increase the guild limit cap so we all don't have to worry about leaving servers or leaving the ones that we care about just to join our new friends server and so no one has to stress over reaching the limit that that one can join espaily with this Coronavirus constnally spreading around and all of us stuck in qauratine.

  • ECC9

    Same. Was bout to post the same thing but as i see I dont have too....


    I hope they allow us more than 100 servers because 100 cap really sucks tbh

  • AliTheKing

    + 1
    I just hit 100 servers after 2 years.
    This at least should be something for Nitro subscribers or discord Developers if not everyone.
    Maybe have an application to have your limit increased.


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