How did the call go?


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  • Johar

    I mean if it bothers you, you can disable the pop-up.

  • Rabid

    I'm having that. Thing is I have clicked "do not show again"

    Guess what pops up still every time I disconnect from a voice channel?

    I love discord but damn, not used an app that adds so many "quality of life' things that actually make the experience much worse.

    I miss the old thinking of if it aint broke don't fix it.

    Feels like it is turning into a group chat version of Skype. That unnecessary features like this "How did the call go?" are added simply for the sake of giving the devs something to do, and to give customers the feeling that the software is being constantly improved, worked on.

    Discord worked fine when I started using it. All I needed was bug fixes and security updates. But like most things that become popular it's getting filled with useless bloat.

    Seriously devs, stop adding crap for the sake of adding crap please. Also look up what "quality of life" actually means.

    If I have problems with Discord I'll submit a bug report. And maybe if you have a check box that says "Don't show this again." maybe make it so it doesn't show it again.

    Just a thought.

  • Milya

    I've also checked the box "dont show this again" but it keeps showing again. Another absolutely horrible new change..

  • Little Tabby

    "How'd the call go?" has a chance of appearing when you disconnect from a voice channel. The probability of it appearing is unknown.


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