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  • CrashCraftLabs


  • susmobile

    seconded, the new inbox feature is completely unnecessary and has been causing me genuine stress at how much it's interrupted my regular discord use. if you really insist on making the inbox a full feature, please at least give us an option to turn it off and hide it from view.

  • The Mighty Zingy

    I agree. I do not need discord constantly notifying me of new messages in random servers and channels when it already does so by highlighting the channel names. There is no need for a constant red dot in the top right of my discord client notifying me of a message in some obscure channel I never visit, on a random server I never check and have muted. 

    The only way to stop this feature currently is to mute every single channel, on every single server you are on. Somebody should not have to do this just because of an annoying red dot in the corner of the discord client constantly being there.

    Please allow us to disable this inbox feature if you plan to keep it in the future.

  • Discord Pedestrian

    "a random server I never check and have muted"

    That's odd? It's supposed to not show messages from muted channels/servers.

    I'm just asking for an option to only track mentions tbh

  • The Mighty Zingy

    There already was a feature that tracked mentions, they added this inbox onto it. It used to be just an @ symbol, now we have this inbox thing attached to it.

  • Discord Pedestrian

    That also tracks messages from non-muted channels/servers, yeah. I'd like it to just track mentions, because that mark-as-read button is nice. It even has a button to mark all your mentions from every server as read

  • LiddyKitty ⪼💗⪻

    Just.. my two cents. I enjoy it.

    The red dot is out of the way, and I can choose to ignore it pretty easily

    It lets me see updates in Muted servers so I can easily check on servers I may not have a vested interest in, with one click instead of clicking on the server and scrolling through junk I generally don't care for.

    It's a nice feature, but an option to hide it for people who don't like it would be a huge plus.


  • Cyphran

    I already have plenty of things that cause me stress because they are constantly flashing that I haven't finished reading all of the things. This is why android and apple turned off numbers in notification dots, and then allowed them to be shut off completely. I like discord, but I feel like I am constantly telling it to leave me alone and let me enjoy it on my terms.

  • Cornerstone

    I hate this. Why would you do this to us with no option to turn it off? We are not being paid to be product testers or give feedback. I did not opt into this or any sort of beta testing. Turn this off and NEVER DO THIS AGAIN.

  • Hualiama

    I think that some people might like it, but I also think that most wont. What I would like to see is a way to customize it. As in a way for it to only track certain servers  or msgs from certain people. Though I would like there to be a function to be able to turn it off.

  • fljotafnott

    It's such an unnecessary feature, we already have the notification system like mentioned before, we don't need this dumb feature that literally nobody would ever ask for.

  • Cornerstone

    The problem is less with the feature itself and more with the forced engagement of users by corporate Discord.

  • poiuyz

    I want to actually see my mentions again not read every single channel from every server I'm in

  • rusty595

    To echo everyone else, please let me turn it off

  • Sequencer

    Agreed; in fact, most new Discord features (e.g. that annoying GIF button on the bottom) should be able to be turned off.

  • Hualiama

    Well I get where your coming from Sequncer, but I kind of like the gif button. What would be really nice is an option to customize the ui entirely

  • Milo

    Ironically, I have the opposite problem of everyone else here. This is pretty much the only discord feature I wanted besides favorited emotes, and it only tracks a few servers, rather than all of my unmuted servers, while I'd really like if it just listed everything like it does for everyone else...

    I can see how it might annoy some high stress folks, though. Might be best to restrict it to a separate setting that you can toggle on for each chat? Like, I'd right click on general, and click enable inbox, perhaps?

    IDK, just spitballing.

  • GreyLight

    I honestly don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. Until the inbox, my Discord constantly had a badge on it showing me I have x amount of notifications and I have to scour through each and every server to find where those notifications came from. And even then I feel like I’ve missed stuff.

    Now I can finally see all my notifications in a timeline fashion grouped by server, and take my time going through them one by one to catch up what I have missed. I just hope this gets ported to the mobile version soon.

  • RedPCat (3.5 DAYS)

    I HATE THAT INBOX!!! :middle_finger:

    • It annoys me that I HAVE TO READ ALL NOFICATIONS
    • Mentions are enough
    • There is already Unread badges next to server icons
    • There is no way to disable it
    • We have to mute our servers from those fudging messages!

    SMH discord. SMH

  • WhiteWolf

    The new inbox is a weird thing. It's a nice idea done wrong in my opinion. If you could instead of having everything thereselect what we want then it would be better. For example I would love to get only announcement chats there so I would not have to check every server when there is a ton of announcement but see all of those in one list. Other than that it still would be nice to opt out of this since most people don't read or care about most text channels there are on the server, especially random bot stuff.

  • Hina (Tiger)

    This is giving me so much anxiety, could this feature either be removed or able to be toggled? I can't even roll back to the last build, so discord is unusable for me.

  • slashseeker

    I already chase down my servers when they have notifications- I do not need YET ANOTHER PLACE FOR NOTIFICATIONS that I have to MANUALLY CLEAR OUT EVERY GODDAMN NOTIFICATION

  • Grumpy_Warlock88

    I really don't see how anyone could like this feature. First, it's not supposed to show messages from mute channels. This seems to happen for a few and for some reason, some of them like it, which goes against the purpose of muting channels. Second, there is already white dots on the sides of servers and their channels for unread content. Looking at those as you would is far more organized than an inbox with random messages mixed between servers and channels. Third, having an inbox fill up with a great many unread posts is super annoying to look at, especially since they are a jumbled mix mess of servers and channels. I really can't understand how anyone can like this feature given my points. You can literally look at all your stuff in an organized manner the original way and even see what the posts were in response too, even the whole conversation. Perhaps the only exception I could see is if you have very few servers with minimal activity, still... I'm fairly certain the community didn't ask for this, and why are they adding crap features when they should focus on adding back old features they removed that actually bring value, with the option to turn on or off.

  • eezee2012

    Add an option to hide or disable it. How hard is that?
    Should be a standard with UI elements like this.

    People that find it useful, can use it as is.
    People that have no use for it, can remove it.
    Everybody happy/wins.

    To me, it's just another nuisance. Nothing in there interested me (the messages were from muted servers, a whole bunch of them, why there are messages in there from muted servers is beyond me). Of course, I had to dig for a setting that wasn't there (disable and/or hide)...

  • SheepaBeep

    to add to the noise, for good or ill: I am sitting next to, right now, someone who could get immense use out of the inbox. It's not a bad idea for people who are flooded with notifications.

    however, for those of us with smaller, more tightly managed notification schemes, it's a little superfluous, and the little red dot I'm forced to engage with for it to go away just gives me agita. kudos on new development, kindly suggest options to disable new features, always, always bundled with the new features.

  • malphis

    I agree with almost all the complaints listed above. The first time I clicked on it Discord restarted itself. When I finally scrolled through all the messages and clicked the "begone" button, more of them popped up. Plus I still had markers for new messages in the regular spots. Totally unnecessary and disruptive.

  • IR B0red

    Is there a way to rollback updates? I only have one server unmuted that I engage with on a daily basis so this so called "feature" is DOA as far as I'm concerned. Same with the gif and emoji buttons leading to the same place.

  • Xial

    New Inbox's Unreads 'feature' is annoying. Very annoying.

    Yes, I know people are talking in the various instances I'm connected to. I already have more than sufficient left side of display notifications for it. I don't need an Angry Red Dot at the top of my screen at all times telling me less than the left side of my display is telling me.

    The dots on the left side tell me where the noise is coming from at a glance, without requiring a click and kilometers of scrolling to figure out what all is being said. I get the appropriate level of choice of whether or not to engage the conversation. As example above, I don't need to check on the Final Fantasy XIV instance, because it's not a conversation that I have to engage in at this time: I wasn't summoned by @name. Offscreen, I can tell that there's a conversation that I do need to engage in, because it's also in Mentions.

    Then, not making the ARD an option for disabling is also noisome. Let me choose how much I want it in my face.

    I admit a level of bias: I moved to Discord from IRC ages ago. I have most notifications turned off, because it works best for me. I don't need notification every time someone *farts* in an instance channel.

    Requesting rollback of this new 'feature' or the appropriate addition of a toggle to enable it, with the setting DISabled by default: new feature causes more issues than are plausibly resolved.


    Edit, a day later: The new inbox unreads feature IGNORES any user blocking you've done. I noticed it by accident this mid-day, because I clicked on the ARD again. I have a handful of users in one instance that I have constantly on ignore because they're not the kind of people I want to read content from, and the message was plainly visible. NOT acceptable.

  • DrTenma

    Please let us disable it.

  • Endeavor

    Discord server icons already have red balloons when I'm mentioned, white balloons when activity is happening, and no balloon for no activity. Inbox having red balloon for every notification is 1) counter to the established meanings of colors and makes me think I'm being directly mentioned, and 2) unnecessary because I already have notification balloons along the left side of the client. It should not be red, and I should be able to turn it off, or at the very least I should be able to rollback out of this testing version because I do not like the feature and my opinion will not change.


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