The New Inbox


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  • Bullseyed

    I do not like the feature and my opinion will not change.

  • JaneBuzJane ♡

    Why on earth would you deploy a new feature with no way to turn it off? 

    The red dot is a source of constant stress. "What am I missing? What's going on? Why can't I get to zero?" 

    Why the hell do I need to get to Inbox zero? This isn't my work email. You're making me think that opening Discord is a job. 

    Not only that, you're showing notifications for EVERY channel in EVERY server. You've reinvented a feature that already exists and that is so customisable, I can tailor notifications exactly to my liking.

    I don't need another stressful feature reminding me that OH NO THERE'S STILL STUFF TO DO when I log into Discord to chat with my friends about Animal Crossing. Quit trying to gamify my use of your app - this isn't social media. 


  • August

    I would like this feature a lot if you could simply choose which channels would show up in it and notify you. I wonder why it wouldn't be like this in the first place. There are lots of channels I would like to catch up on at a glance, just not every random channel in all the servers I'm in.

    I think paring down the notifications you get overall would make inbox a lot more appealing.

  • KChan

    I agree with pretty much everyone on here. I already have the little bubbles that appear next to servers/channels with unread messages in them. Why in the world would I want a super annoying red dot that won't go away until I mark everything as read, and worse, shows me only part of the recent conversation with zero context? If I want to see what's been said in a server, I'll go to that server.


    This feature is not helpful, it's not needed, and we need the option to make it go away.

  • Exaltia

    That new inbox is a good start BUT like other says, but need a few adjustments. Mentions listing is perfect. it help find back mention to me or my role on channels with big activities. no later that 2 days  before the inbox i've lost a few minutes finding back who mentionned me in a channel

    On the other and , duplicating messages without mentions in the "unread" section is of no use to my eyes. there is other ways to read back messages on channels. plus. with, on my case, 16 serveurs, that sections constantly fills backs .

    I think only the mention section is to be kept. the unread section is a duplicate of the other ways to know that we have an unread channel somewhere.

  • OgreEntertainment

    Literally so redundant, I dont want or need this feature its just another way to SLAM messages and spam in our faces, so many servers have like 1000000000000000000 different bot notifications (neccesary to some not to me) which are easy to avoid just mute the server/channel cool done... oh wait no because theyve all been forwarded to my inbox like wtf discord? we dont want that rubbish keep it simple! we dont want another frikkin facebook/instagram clone that assaults us with messages and notifications all over the screen every time we turn away for five seconds its utterly pointless! I used discord as a way to keep up with gaming communities without the assault that facebook leaves, its already free stop making work for yourselves

  • Scarling

    I don't like this feature. I organized and muted my discords that I don't want notifications from, and I don't need an extra icon on my discord. This reminds me of Twitch notifications when you log on, and it shows you the loot you've got and no matter how many times you think you've "read" everything it's still highlighted. Except here, you have to mark everything as read. Newsflash, if I don't want to read something I don't read it. It shows as a white indicator, not a constant reminder in the top right corner of my view. I already could check if I was mentioned, and don't need an extra inbox. If this was a way to send messages..oh wait, that's discord's function. People get my messages online or off, so why do I need an inbox? This isn't an e-mail client, conversations don't close, and a feed of multiple feeds is as others have said, redundant. 

  • Little Person

    im in 2 servers that are EXTREMELY active at all times. we already have the red balloon on not only the discord icon, but each server icon too. i don't want an extra red dot on my screen just because i don't visit a channel often.
    please for the love of god let us hide it, turn it off, or customize it at the very least.
    also please give back the little @. i'd rather have that than have it incorporated into something so.... ugh

  • AzureJ

    I have big anxiety to do with emails and the new inbox feature is not helping at all. I'd really appreciate an option to not have the inbox at all, I can't see the point of it when I already keep track of the servers and notifications I want to see.

  • Bear / Akos

    Maybe there seeing how many people they can piss off and make them leave Discord for Guilded.

  • purplemontart

    There's literally no use for this feature. I can already see when I have unread stuff, what's the point in bundling it all in one place devoid of context?

  • Hurricane

    I agree with pretty much everyone here. This is a pointless feature (if you can even call it that). All this has done is added a second place for the exact same information that I can see from the left panel.

    This needs to be removed, or at the very least give us an option to disable it.

  • HolicShot

    I very much agree. If the feature must stay, I'd like to be able to disable or mute it completely. The red notification dot is distracting and frequently visible if you have enough unmuted servers. There is already sufficient and welcome notice for direct messages, and the few servers I wish to keep up to date with regularly are at the top of my list and provide enough notifications with current features and settings. The inbox feature is an unnecessary distraction in the lesser-used right half of the app.

    This has been my only complaint about Discord since I began using it some years ago with my friends. It is otherwise fantastic all-around, IMO. <3

  • .wormss

    It is annoying enough that I get "unread messages" from channels I have muted if someone says @here. Even though I am I muting the whole channel.. 

    Now I am getting notified by the stupid inbox feature to BOTS who I have muted who are doing @here too.. 
    I literally opening up the "inbox" panel to show me "BLOCKED MESSAGE"


  • TheHyperFusion

    The Inbox annoys me so much, because it pings me / makes the Discord icon on my taskbar flash - and I think I have a legitimate mention or DM ... but no, it's the bloody inbox telling me "Hey, did you miss these people talking in this one channel on this one server that you don't want to mute either?"


    If I want to check servers, I'll check servers on my own - I don't need a ping or taskbar flash just because some rando says something somewhere.  Get rid of this, or let us turn it off entirely.


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