White supremacy - discord ad


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  • benb

    There are quite a few alternatives now actually, I'm also looking into them. I won't name any simply because I don't want my account deleted yet, but look them up.

    Nice post though.

  • Minner

    @benb the thing is, like he already said: The server is too big to just go to an alternative.

    hetile's opinion is something i totally support even tho im not a Nitro user atm, but if someone pays for a free app/programm it should come ad-free 100%. Doesnt matter if the ad they pushed was good or not, or informational or not. It's just wrong to do so and Discord should really look into it if they can change it and maybe really add it to their Nitro perks.

  • purpzie

    As if basic human rights are an opinion... I'm appalled by the very existence of this post.

  • hetile

    I'm assuming you are referring to the content of the ad.

    I'm not.

    This has nothing to do with human rights. I'm totally for the movement.

    I'm against receiving publicity when I pay for a service.

  • Aurel

    The "paid service" you're talking about is optional, just saying.

  • Minner

    Sure its optional but that doesnt make it right to give ads on it, just saying.


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