Android Notifications no longer show users Icons/Avatar.


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  • QC

    I'm getting the same issue with android notifications no longer showing avatars.

  • TeaTime

    I'm having the same issue with my pixel 4

  • QC

    I resolved this by unsubscribing from the discord beta program.

  • Kobooold

    Same issue on Pixel 2. Can't stand it. It makes me think for a split second someone from work sent me a message, which is a bit jolting to see in the evenings.

  • KitLunar

    How does one unsubscribe from the beta program? I'm going to tear my hair out if I have to continue with this.
    Google Pixel 3a

  • QC

    On the Play Store for the app, you can see if you're enrolled in the beta programme or not. You then have the option to denroll.

    Unfortunately last night discord updated and the bug has come back... And I'm no longer installed in beta :/

    However the bug has now been reported:


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