Bot removal reasons like server deletion feedback


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  • silentserenity

    Yeah, I totally agree on that, all the time my own bot would join servers, then leave them a few minutes after, and I sit and wonder as to "what went wrong?" with the user's experience. Maybe it was, in your case, bugs, maybe it was difficult to use for other people, could be anything.

    In the developer's point of view, it's usually very easy to use your own bot, because you developed it, and fixing all the bugs and such yourself, so yes, it's indeed quite impacting for it to be removed from servers unless a feedback option is implemented.

    So yep I fully stand with you on this point ^-^
    - Shadi#9492

  • ilai

    Good idea! But it would be difficult to implement, because discord does not handle what is done with bots, and if it were implemented, the discord API would have to send a request to the client of the bot, but to make a request you would have to make a web server, since they are the only ones that handle this type of request, and if a bot does not want to implement it?

  • mathstrains19



    It shouldn't be too difficult?


    Bots currently can get events when a message is sent. Maybe a new event for feedback could be sent? example:

    async def on_message(message):
    await message.reply('Hi!')

    # New event
    async def on_feedback(feedback):
    await feedback_channel.send(feedback.content) # where feedback_channel is a channel that the bot dev has setup to receive feedback in. This could also be printed to the command line.


  • ilai

    This would require package updates, some bots have not updated this, for example, there are certain bots that stayed in the discord.js v11 because it would break the bot structures.

    If we assume that someone has not updated to the next version of, what could we do?

    Also, Discord doesent mantain discord.js or

  • Alespren

    This would require package updates

    Yeah, so does almost every Discord update? Of course they will have to update, that is not a reason to not implement a feature.

    If someone is not updating to the latest version of whatever package they are using, that is their fault. Djs v11 has already been broken for some time, we should not be expected to support it.


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