Allow threads to become full channels, or channels to be converted to threads


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  • NoNiMad

    Perfectly said, was about to request the same thing. Would be the next logical step and would perfectly match how natural conversation evolves as well.

  • rtil

    +1, especially to convert channels in to threads. Would like to keep an archive of those channels but they have become less active over time and make more sense as threads now.

  • Maars

    Was just thinking the same thing, you put it very clearly so here's to hoping the devs take notice! ♥

  • Shrike

    Another vote for the ability to convert threads to channels.  I moderate a server where we take suggestions for maps our artist is going to make, expand on the suggestion as a thread, and once the artist decides to do that map, we'd love to be able to convert that thread to a channel for further chat about it.

  • kempsterrrr

    This feature is very much needed. Thread helps us keep channel creep to a minimum but sometimes they expand and need a permanent home. This would be a very graceful solution to that problem rather than loosing existing content to a thread when creating a new channel

  • sechtman

    I definitely upvote this proposed feature.

    More important IMO for option to elevate threads > full channel.

    To demote channels to a thread seems a lit more complicated and less useful (I'm sure there are valuable use cases though), as you'd have to select which Channel to nest it under, permissions may be different, and you can always just archive a channel or stick it in an "Archived" category.

  • EcthelionBFME2

    This is very much needed. In fact i will be waiting for it to archive some now dead channels.

  • TyrionLionstar

    We really need this!

  • ktea

    Yes! This is, in my opinion, the next best enhancement that can be made to the threads feature. It would make the management of discord channels and threads very powerful. Please plan this into the roadmap!

  • HookedMermaid

    Was just asked this today by my server co-owner. We're trying to reorganise our server and so many channels would benefit from being changed into threads that we could nest under a single archive channel (as opposed to the category we have now with about 50 archived channels). 

    Having more flexibility in how we use the channel structure would make running complex servers so much better. I was hoping forums would maybe be the answer to this, but as discussions can't be moved around/reordered manually, and the entire tree stays visible for admin/mods (it's only a single channel for members), it's just not suitable. 

    Discord, please enable channel to thread/thread to channel conversion.

    ETA: Let admin make some threads permanent and pin them. We have a directory with links to ongoing threads, but if they self archive, the link converts to #deleted-channel.

  • maidservant hecubus

    Please do this!


  • Reima

    I was looking for this exact same request!

  • S4KuR4

    +1 for this functionnality which is much needed! I was looking for ways to do this today and saw it's not available yet. Has discord said anything about developping it? btw discord is my favorite app ever!! big thanks to the discord team!

  • Invariel

    Please make this a reality, Discord.  There are some conversations that are worth promoting to channels, and being able to do that while maintaining the channel's history would be great.

  • Britva

    Bump, would be an awesome feature! Some threads become too much for a thread sometime🤗

  • Xumari

    +1 I really need this feature. This is a must.

  • Steve Estes

    Bumping this, as it's still a need for us.

    For us the biggest way this would help is simply "not losing the previous dialogue / conversation history" when making a new channel for which we have a lot of previous conversation in threads. So even if it were implemented as just an ability to move all dialogue from a particular thread over to a newly-created channel - which for all I know would be technically simpler for the devs - that would still accomplish the purpose. Thanks!

  • zruncho

    +1 for the thread —> channel functionality.  Seems like the best of all worlds, if it enables small discussions to get bigger in a more seamless way.

  • amias

    Agreed, thread to channel conversion (and back) would be really useful. I'd also like to change which channel a thread is attached to.

  • chimichanga

    Be great to see this functionality, especially threads to channels for me.

  • RS Zerstörer

    +1 must have feature.

  • Chillin' Kitty

    I googled if it's possible to convert threads to channels and vice versa, as there is a need at some point.

  • Andrew W

    +1 this is gonna be essential

  • SirThomas

    Just want to throw my comment in with the rest, this would be a Fantastic enhancement!

  • vi5or


  • ArdentlyCore


  • Tall Guy

    Totally agree ! I see the need for both, personally I would be mostly using the thread to channel conversion.

  • adrienna

    Yes!! Please make this a thing!! I'd love to keep my server clean, but I don't want members to lose the convos they've already started. 

  • Belenos 🌱 ☀

    Definitely need this. Would allow discussions to breath life into a channel or die into archived based on interest of members. Would also be great for projects during brainstorming and development. If project launches properly convert thread to channel. If it fails to launch you just move on and let it archive.

  • Prateem

    Would really love the ability to turn threads into channels! +1!


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