Web3 Integration w/ Discord


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    NFTs suck. if I wanted ugly art on my profile I’d just draw my own avatar

  • MeckAtk

    if discord adds crypto support you can kiss my ass goodbye. NFTs are one of the stupidest inventions yet

  • Zero Jyllmeiko

    Wasn't there a sodding CONFERENCE about not destroying the planet recently, or did I have a brain aneurysm?

  • Milk

    think I'll go looking for a different platform.

  • a wicker chair

    if yall actually do this im gonna start convincing everyone in the same servers as me who has nitro to cancel it immediately

  • SaladThief

    This is just sad, man. This in no way is making the world a better place; this is just a plea of desperation to save a universally hated pyramid scam. Even if you make some actual money off of this "hobby" once or twice, the only people who are actually benefitting off of this are the people who use it to launder money (for some really illegal activities! Woah!). It's ironic to say "making the world a better place" when you're figuratively, through environmental impact, putting a polar bear cub in a boiling vat in exchange for an unsustainable JPEG that you do not even own. The only fact that discord is thinking of getting in on it is because they know a lot of deluded people make servers centered around crypto and NFTs. They want to exploit you, and this situation, for money. It's stupid. Let this beaten horse die already. I hope they hurry up with crypto regulation, which is already on its way.

     If you're in this for the art, just commission an artist instead of hurting the art community more than cryptobros already have.

  • michi

    Are you kidding me? You want to help further destroy the entire planet? NFT can die

  • pickle

    if discord adds crypto support in any way shape or form im switching to a different platform and never looking back lol

  • pelmandna

    there are so many features that could- and should- be implemented to make discord easier and more accessible to use. the entire platform was rebranded to be more open to everyone; by adding specific networks for nft and crypto support, you will alienate a great portion of your userbase, and drive many, many people away. your platform will become for cryptocurrency users and traders, since many of the people who use discord are at best ambivalent towards crypto and at worse actually hate its existence

  • SkiddleCat

    hey discord this is real cringe of you ngl

  • Dusty

    Subscription cancelled just for you even thinking this was a good idea.

    Now's the time for new management if the CEO is having such cognitive issues.

  • mantaphase

    if discord gets involved with crypto i'm going to use tumblr as my primary messaging platform. they're not great but at least they aren't advocating for the destruction of humanity

  • друг

    This idea isn't just stupid, it's morally reprehensible. If I had Nitro I'd cancel it. Needless to say if this gets implemented I'll delete my Discord account.

  • vlfberht

    I think not. NFTs aren't helping our climate crisis, are worsening it due to the strain on the power grids among other things and I refuse to pay into a service that supports them.

  • icy McFreezeFreeze

    Given Discord's typical userbase, it feels incredibly tone-deaf that as a company they'd consider integration with 'blockchain' currencies and NFTs more broadly.

    Proponents are an extraordinarily passionate (and oft misguided and misinformed) minority, it would do much more harm than good to cater to their needs at the expense of other users.

  • Beef Strugglenoff


  • T4t0_S4n

    NFTs destroy the planet and keep commissions from real artists, get a life

  • qyuryyus

    nfts and cryptocurrency are actively destroying our planet.

  • MasterK

    Terrible idea actually

  • Sylveon

  • dragonmustang01

    Do you want to get scammed by a pyramid scheme? 'Cause NFTs are how you get scammed by a pyramid scheme.

  • RechercheRaptor

    Cryptos of all kind are reckless endangerment of our planet, and even if they weren't, with how often discord gets hacked linking your bank details to it is just begging to be robbed blind.

  • Zenon

    No F***ing Thanks

  • SheepGirlAutumn

    I have absolutely no interest in NFT's and moreover i think that they are bad for the environment and a blatant scam to those buying, if discord intends to go through with this I do not intend support the service in any way shape or form.

  • faerieguts


  • selkiesHiraeth

    kay why ess

  • Lowkek Ops

  • Basil ♫ 🌻

    nfts are ugly nty

  • jay.ferin.thighs

    Scams do not belong on Discord.


  • Hayne

    Absolutely not. This would be a travesty if it were to happen


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