Web3 Integration w/ Discord


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  • callie on little cat feet.

    world's most god awful idea ever, please seek help.

    jason, there's a special place for you down you know where i'd say. and it's revolting to have you back up such ponzi schemes on an otherwise clean platform. i know for a fact no internal employees were pro-NFT anyway, and this is all just shareholder and investor influence. make another platform for this garbage if you want to. or at least just don't altogether. if anything, i'll be planning to move my activity to another platform sometime.

  • drewbabe

    If you think there can be such a thing as "green" or "good" NFTs, think again: https://everestpipkin.medium.com/but-the-environmental-issues-with-cryptoart-1128ef72e6a3

  • ✿.~Bitterkins~.✿

    stupidest shit i've ever heard. we don't need this here especially when it kills the planet and gives them a place to showcase their garbage.

  • Mariah Carey

    all i want for christmas is no nft support

  • homekeys

    naturally the thing everyone needs right now during this time of anxiety about the future is uhh *checks notes* climate accelerationism disguised as a money laundering scheme disguised as *check notes* collections of jpegs

  • Xenotunak

    NFT supporters need to kick the chair.

  • TacticianLyra

    Just cancelled my Nitro and you will not ever be getting it back just on this alone. If you actually go through with it, I will actively consider leaving Discord altogether and warn as many people away from the platform as I can.

  • leo!

    if they add NFT support i'm cancelling my nitro and my boosts lmfao

  • CUBErt

    i do not have the words to express what an absolutely terrible goddamn idea this is

  • mukbun

    I've canceled my nitro sub because of this. If discord decides not to implement NTFs or other crypto garbage I may resub.

  • Jehuty

    OK look. No, just no. having NFT support would likely lead to a mass exodus from Discord or lead to an immense souring of it's reputation. In light of the news that congress is cracking down on NFT's by needing through the passage of a recent bill adopting them now would only lead to negative returns in the long run. Unless someone can put forth a compelling argument that NFT's have some genuine worth in them aside from speculative value and can have their negative environmental impact completely negated by drawing from other power sources i would consider changing my tune but for now all i can see is that going pro NFT now would only lead to negative repercussions in the future. So again, No, just no.

  • Ciputts



    Enough said. Shame on Discord.

    Instead of taking action on the vast amount of scams / stock-pumpers / and totally-not financial advice paid trade servers, they allow and facilitate this BS.

  • scrub squirrel

    Well, I'll immediately cancel my nitro if that ever happens. What a profoundly stupid idea.

  • Galexy

    OR! We could not! :)

  • Zedrin

    NFTs more like

    No F**king Thanks

    Shame on Discord for even thinking about entertaining this idea.

  • Sundae

    If discord ever thinks of passing this through I'm leaving

  • Petey

    Discord, please reconsider your decision. NFTs are a terrible idea to support

  • Gadda

    Absolutely not. This is a horrible idea.

  • LevinSigma

    For your overwhelmingly monstrous behavior, you have become vilified by the community



  • Tupper

    Please listen to your users.

  • CircuitBreaker

    I cancelled my nitro sub and am working to convince others in several different servers to join me in raising our voices to say... NFT? No F**king Thanks.

    This isn't what I want from a chat platform. This isn't what any sane and reasonable person wants. The only people that benefit from NFTs are those looking to launder money, pull wide-ranging financial scams, and destroy the environment.

    This is not acceptable on any level and will most assuredly lead to bad PR and a mass exodus. If you want to destroy your userbase, then continue on this path Discord.

  • Fortfite

    what a way to make everyone go back to irc

  • Broskkt

    Dumbest idea I've heard this whole week

  • Atri

    HARD pass

  • Alkaris

    Who knew such a post would get people so mad over crypto wallet integrations, it's not the end of the world. You don't have to use it you know, and only a small margin of people will be using it, that number is far fewer than the number of gamers out there, which is like 3% of people into crypto who use Discord. Months will go by and you'll forget it's even there.

    What alternatives are there to Discord anyway, there's nothing decent to replace Discord with. Guilded certainly isn't, the software is so Alpha and underdeveloped, it barely has anything functional, the only thing it's got going for it is the eye-candy looks with no functionality or features.

  • Draco18s


    Because the value system a fully functioning NFT marketplace creates is reprehensible. We cannot let it get there. A major social platform offering integration into the crypto marketplace is able-ism.

    The only viable option is total moral rejection. Anything less (selling, collecting, posting links to artists selling NFTs, yes even trying to find a less ecologically devastating model) holds up the power of the worst parts of this platform.

  • Vogue

    if you support nfts or crypto, you are unequivocally a clown

  • Beleth

    I am canceling my 100$ Nitro subscription and seeking a refund from my bank about it since the CEO is actively considering this is a good idea. My money, time and server of 5K people size is better suited else where than a place that is fine with destroying our planet all for some shitty jpegs and gifs.

  • Lettuce 🥬

  • takaze



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