Web3 Integration w/ Discord


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  • frill

    Please GOD don't introduce NFT shit

  • Hal

    I will happily drop my Nitro subscription if you choose to implement/endorse NFTs, and many others would gladly do the same.

  • scott0852
    make the world a better place and become pro-NFT

    This is an oxymoron. Crypto uses up more energy in a day than your house does in an entire year. How does encouraging that make the world a better place?

  • Lasanga

    NFTS destroy the envoirment. Do not do this BS.

  • Kate Yagi

    Please fire and blacklist any staff / executives involved in purposing, developing, green lighting and promoting this, especially the CEO. You finally had your PR in generally okay order and you've ruined it once again with this. Discord is my top 2 social media website, it would be nice if I didn't have to migrate elsewhere.

  • Yurɨ

    Yuri does not support NFTs.

  • Cupsnake

    Are you absolutely kidding? NFTs are hilariously bad ideas, if you implement this, you'll see such backlash it'll kill the entire platform. Look at the downvotes. Look at the comments. Look at Twitter. Look at your Nitro subs drop. It's all written right there, every time a company makes an obviously terrible decision, and here's a better example than ever.

  • Prometheus

    This honestly makes me sad.....Shame...

  • TSIDIris

    perish, bozo

  • ixrer

    Absolutely not. Discord. What the HELL are you doing? The community clearly does not want you to add support for NFTs. They destroy the environment, and are a giant pyramid scheme.

  • Antti___

    NFTs are environmentally damaging and essentially amount to gambling. Pushing NFTs on Discord users, especially young ones, is immoral.

  • sugarfrosted

    How would having a star registry scam like NFTs make the world a better place? This even before environmental harm.

  • Trebuchette

    Discord, please absolutely do not add NFTs.

  • ks

    Discord I know you're interested: make the world a better place and become pro-NFT.

    Today on sentences that contradict themselves, "make a better place" and "become pro-NFT"


    kriff all those scams man, why do gullible people keep falling for them

  • Mary Canary

    I declare this not based. 

  • beast

    Just going through the comments to downvote pro-NFT dipshits.

  • LDgame

  • Strawberry but gay

    No ones wants NFT's

  • TerrariaIsBestOwO

    Anyone else down for going back to Skype?

  • PBZ

    Please don’t. I will agree with others in saying Nitro will be cancelled if this goes through.

  • aporia

    How about no. It's environmentally damaging and has no practical use. Even considering this is pretty pathetic.

  • aporia

    How about no. It's environmentally damaging and has no practical use. Even considering this is pretty pathetic. It's only beloved by under skilled tech bros who probably don't even work in STEM (outside of management roles which lets face it, aren't STEM positions).

  • trashclown

    Don't do it, please. I don't want to lose Discord, I use it every day, it's vital for me, but I can't possibly support a service that's buying into the NFT/crypto grift. It's a scam, you won't get rich, you'll only destroy the environment, incentivise hacking accounts with linked wallets, and make yourselves absolute laughing stocks.

    Already cancelled my Nitro and boosts. This sucks, man.

  • inthecatsdreams

    Discord is already dog shit as it is, imagine adding NFTs now lmao

  • Adrian Black Hawk

    If discord is going this way I'm immediately canceling my nitro subscription and will probably look for alternatives

  • Lorgenz

    Thousand times no, dropping nitro till this is dead and buried

  • please don't do this. i've dropped my nitro subscription and i plan to leave the platform if you disregard the purpose of discord and make it a capitalist safe-space for people with "expensive" jpegs

  • UnknownMinutes

    Seek help, NFT's aren't making the world better, it's literally destroying it.

    They're trash. Absolute garbo.

  • ikukona

    Don't NFTs are basically money laundering.
    Will cancell and leave the platform if they add nft support
    Been a good run 2016-2021 i guess

  • Gh0st

    Vile request.


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