Web3 Integration w/ Discord


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  • EeveeRad

    Hard pass on nuts. Too much energy. Don't get involved

  • Börd


  • catboybenry

    "Make the world a better place" In what works would this make it a better place. I think you mean "Make the world a worse and dead place."
    Discord do not do this.

  • thecakeisaeye

    nft’s are stupid and wasteful. I’ll leave discord if they get integrated

  • JPedro01

    No one want the NFThings here

  • Endless Ecstasy

    it's incredibly telling that nobody actually wants this, considering this thread and most comments supporting it are downvoted in the hundreds. NFTs have no value aside from being a way to launder money and waste our planets limited resources while doing it, if you want to own an original piece of art so bad commissioning a furry artist is much cheaper than wasting thousands on a mass produced jpg.

  • WarpWing

    This is so stupid. Why would Discord add NFT support? Don't cater to a small minority by adding NFT Support Discord, please. You're not hip and cool by appealing to the small brain wojaks trying to make money off of NFTs.

  • adroon

    Do not add NFT support. 

  • Frogs_are_Gay

    no. just no. please stop with this type of thing, its completely ridiculous

  • Swarm O5vermod

    If the thought of cryptocurrency keeps you awake at night with excitement despite the documented environmental impact and the general existence of NFTs as a rising investment bubble I genuinely think you need to turn your life around and maybe seek professional help

  • Osha


  • kescher

    Do not do this. That's all.

  • goth


  • Bee

    This is dumb as s***. Stop already jeez

  • ZipzapOnTheAttack

    Is it hard, VenusLabs? Living without a brain? Why do you wet yourself at night, to the thought of destroying the environment? Have you been contacted by scientists yet, to examine how you live without a brain? Are you proud to be dumber than a koala? 

  • kescher

    I remember a bit ago Discord did a survey about Deez Nuts integration and stuff.

    Ever since, I haven't been able to sleep at night because I've dreamt about people being able to ligma balls, Sugondese Nuts to Discord and then having the option to display your Deez Nuts on your discord profile or something.

    Discord I know you're interested: make the world a better place and become pro-Deez Nuts. Please.

  • eldritch possum cat

    NFTs are dumb and destroying the planet.

  • Perrydotto

    NFTs are horrific for the environment and are usually used to scam people out of a lot of money. They are not an actual product or benefit to anyone other than the grifters. Please, for the love of everything that is good, do not add NFT integration.

  • Deevs

    Oh absolutely not

  • rosa

    Cancelled my nitro! No NFTs, no crypto.

  • Twitchy Jayson

    We don't want NFTs or crypto! You are actively wasting energy investing in it!

  • William2ElectricBoogaloo

    make the world a better place and become pro-NFT.


  • InvoxiPlayGames

    Discord is a chat platform. I've been using it for the past ~6 years now to socialise with people and to chat with others. I've been a Nitro subscriber almost consistently since it was first rolled out to the UK, and I love the platform.

    I do not want to see probably the best chat platform I've used become consumed by some anti-consumer, probably money laundering, definitely scam encouraging crypto+NFT garbage. I've already cancelled my Nitro due to the CEO's consideration and I'll be seeking alternatives should any feature regarding "Web3" buzzwords like "crypto" and "blockchain" be implemented.

  • Cryptid Assassin

    NFT's are causing problems. Don't be a part of it

  • Polyesterfootbob

    "make the world a better place and become pro-NFT" these two ideas do not co-exist. NFTs actively make the world worse. ACTUALLY make the world a better place and help these ugly JPEGs die. 

  • davinki??

    literally for what purpose would it be? you are the most decent messaging app out there, and you pull something like that? nfts are destroying the planet, show some care

  • Rottfestt

    If discord adds NFTs and crypto currency then I hope that this entire platform just burns to the ground.

    people need to cancel their nitro subs NOW and don't wait for them to backtrack and apologize.


    Plus NFTs are insanely ugly

  • Rose

    This is a garbage idea. How can discord be this tone deaf? $10 a month from HOW MANY USERS?? And yet here we are. Stupid idea.

  • 💫𝓘𝓼𝓪 💫

    Literally, we don't want NFTs/Cryptocurrency. Those ugly ass PNG images are destroying the planet.

  • Alliebear



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