Web3 Integration w/ Discord


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  • CyclopsDragon

    You wouldn't funge a token

    How about we don't promote pyramid schemes thanks

  • sarang-archer

    Everyone supporting NFTS and cryptocurrency in general should feel ashamed. You’re not above the rest of us, in fact you’re the same people who abuse gasoline and aerosols thinking it’s already ‘too late’

  • SpookieLoop

    Blockchain tech as it is today is not environmentally friendly. I don’t feel comfortable associating my brand as an artist with a company that openly supports NFTs.

  • Ari

    Imagine being excited over the destruction of the planet for some lame PNGs. I've already cancelled Nitro until Discord is willing to fall back on this decision.

  • Cfae8

    Discord if you implement NFTs I swear to every god I've ever learned about I will go back to LiveJournal, snapchat, and email. You are replaceable.

  • MarchofRubes

    Was considering getting nitro sometime until I found this out. I'm in several big servers and I'm going to tell everyone in there to cancel their nitro subscriptions. Frankly I'm disgusted, and if you go through with this, I'll be getting rid of discord. I like the platform but I absolutely cannot support you if you make the decision to ruin it with sh*tty, money laundering garbage jpegs.

  • moThpile

    I remember a bit ago Discord did a survey about Shart integration and stuff.

    Ever since, I haven't been able to sleep at night because I've dreamt about people being able to link their Fart, Shit and Piss to Discord and then having the option to display your Shart on your discord profile or something.

    Discord I know you're interested: make the world a better place and become pro-Shart. Please.

  • Minnim

    The irony in with the last paragraph “make the world a better place. Become pro NFT” lmfao

  • ExcelhatesMelissa

    NFT’s are a terrible idea if discord uses them they will lost thousands of users and rightfully so

  • Silverfanged

    I will 100% cancel nitro and leave if you do NFTs

  • ArcaneGlitch

    NFTs are an environmentally destructive scam

  • skellemancer

    NFTs are terrible and bad for the environment and literally a scam, many people will leave if ya'll implement NFT stuff; please make the right choice and DONT

  • GHOST in the MACHINE

    I mean... you COULD implement NFT integration, sure. And I COULD cancel my Nitro sub and download Skype instead. It's all possible. So go ahead, Mr. Discord CEO. Implement it. Save me 100€ a year, I don't mind. 😊

  • tishoostars

    I refuse to believe anyone who still supports the NFT/crypto business is actually doing so because it's a "renewable" energy source, but they do it because it's a perfect loophole for money laundering. It's equally, if not more harmful to our environment than standard finances are. 

    Stop it, Discord. Please. From one entire community to your staff. Don't do this, please.

  • SweetSwordsSapphic

    This is a terrible idea for multiple reasons. It's bad for the environment, it's a convenient way to money launder, you don't even technically own the asset even if you "buy" an NFT, it's borderline gambling with how volatile the market is and how randomly generated they are, and you can sell custom art without crypto. Not to mention all the times crypto scams happened and how prevalent pump and dump schemes are.

    In short, this is too risky and also morally questionable if it's let to happen.

  • Kinsey

    this actively makes the world a WORSE place, actually! i cancelled my Nitro and will continue to not subscribe until discord axes plans for implementing NFT nonsense.

  • iProgramInCpp

    NFTs are a true scam, I mean 155 GRAND for a bunch of crappy pixel art?! Reminds me of that sealed video game scam

  • peach

    NFTs are killing the planet. y’all can do better.

  • fruit (radiant)

    god sorry your brain is so tiny bud. real L here. please find a hobby that doesn't involve causing immense environmental damage </3 

  • nana ♡

    NFTs are contributing to destroying our planet and are harmful to artists, not to mention often complete scams and pyramid schemes, the mass majority of discord users dont want anything to do with this.  i dont have nitro and now i never will, especially not if this goes through, and ive advised my friends who have nitro to cancel.  no one with any sense wants to support something like this financially.

  • johnny freakin’ guitarless

    Looks like someone forgot to take off their clown shoes before they came in. NFTs and cryptocurrency are a joke and so is everyone who buys into them.

  • AKuRo1O1


  • hawke

    This is a horrible idea. NFTs are ruining the planet and they're glorified picrews and stolen art.

  • TalysAlankil

    We don't need Discord to support a scam that accelerates the destruction of our environment

  • Legion Prime

    NFTs are a god damn
    plague. Keep them away fom Discord

  • licomice

    Y'all wanna destroy the planet?? For a jpeg?? I'm so sorry you legit believe this, NFTs are a worthless scam, already cancelled my nitro sub over this shit, sad to see this platform going down the toilet :/

  • MissErynn

    NFTS are stupid and anyone with any amount of common sense knows that.

  • Ranger_368

    "I know you're interested" (narrator voice) they were not interested.

  • ArtsyLaVerne

    Discord execs out here jumping on the pyramid scheme train. Late in the game, too.

  • Noxtis

    NFTs reek as scam and it is proven that the blockchain is bad for the environment. Just gonna cancel my nitro, and make plans with my friends on other platforms as I must. It is stupid and I will do my best to take my friends with me.


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