Please for the love of god stay away from the NFT trashfire


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  • doktorpaine

    Vouch. I'm a longtime Nitro member and I will 100% be cancelling if Discord begins promoting NFTs in earnest. I am not onboard with pyramid or ponzi schemes, to say nothing of environmentally destructive ones.

  • ahiijny

    I'm willing to give Discord the benefit of the doubt. Seeing all this hype around something, it's only natural for a company to want to investigate it. It's easy for a company to get into a bubble and only hear only one side of the story. What matters is that they come to the correct conclusion, after receiving more information about it from a more diverse set of viewpoints (esp. artists).

    But Discord doesn't need take the word of random internet nobodies about it.

    Learn from Artstation.

    They tried doing something with NFTs. They immediately rolled it back.

    NFTs are not a good idea.

  • Poliorcetics

    Please stay away from NFTs. Software should be about breaking DRMs, not adding more of them to the world.

    And if a nerd is pushing for it inside the company, put them in a datacenter at 50ºC for a few days and ask them after that if they want to live in a world where this is the norm.

  • vivienne

    Discord's seeming choice to integrate these technologies with known glaring issues (the most significant being environmental, in my opinion) is disappointing to me to say the least.

    Although the survey being passed around appears to have been directed at a very small audience, it certainly is concerning that it doesn't even entertain the idea that regular Discord users might not want to see crypto/NFTs integrated in any capacity.

    Please don't follow through with this, Discord. I have been using your service every day for years now and the last thing I want to do is leave. If you guys don't budge on this I'll be cancelling my Nitro subscription and getting outta there for sure.

  • TheSandpire

    Don't. I won't be leaving the platform but I will not be getting nitro, and I will encourage anyone I can to cancel, or not get it. I'll be staying on the platform so you deal with my traffic with no money

  • Darsstar

    Please do NOT support that scam.

  • stevestevestevesteve

    Using computers as furnaces so person can feel good about buying a jpg is confusing and dangerous.

  • Uruso

    If Discord integrates NFTs or Bitcoin/Etherium/Whatever vile blockchain bullshit rolls out next, I will cancel my nitro. Know that you are playing with toxic waste. I know you can't dictate the content that your users post on their servers but it's PR suicide if you try to integrate it into Discord. Don't be part of the problem, don't encourage this environmental disaster and scam. Be better than that.

  • ejr

    I will absolutely drop my nitro subscription the instant NFTs are supported

  • SilverCount

    If Discord goes the route of NFTs I'm done. That shit's a blight on the environment. I'm already considering alternatives in case jumping ship becomes the only conscientious option.

  • Dijana

    NTFs are an incredibly harmful scam. I do not support this move.

    Don't make me go back to using Skype.

  • eat-your-cereal

    Please don't support this trashfire scam bs. 

  • Zoey

    Discord, do not support NFT's. They're a money laundering scheme that will go the way of the dodo now that transactions over $10,000 must be declared to the IRS. They contribute to the desctruction of the environment like others have said and will do nothing to the platform but cause a mass mirgration of countless users.

  • Jenheadjen

    I have zero patience for any site taking part in these horrifically environmentally destructive scams, if discord implements NFTs I'm cancelling my nitro and deleting my account, and will recommend everyone I know on discord do the same.

  • Heinz

    Dear discord, this is a horrible idea, aside from it being environmentally hurtful it also is technically naive, expensive, and not useful to your users. if you want to store something for users put it in a database, store it in an s3 bucket, hell a git repository that allows forking of you want to enable visibility and openness - not a burn-the-planet hype technology. Absolutely nothing you do can be done better with a blockchain, nothing. If this were implemented it will be the reason why I cancel my subscription and will be looking for alternatives to discord to drop the service alltogether.

  • RomRojal274

    Discord, please do not enter the NFT thing, it's just a fad that will die off. It's just not worth it. 

  • Edith

    Discord, you're better than this. Please don't.

  • CanadianGurl

    I've really enjoyed Discord being a NFT free place. Please keep it that way.

  • ineffyble

    Echoing the sentiments above.

  • Drakitten

    I can't justify spending money on Discord or trying to get new users to join until it's clear there will be no support for NFTs. In fact, this is a good time to start investigating alternatives again. What a pain.

  • Dinoburger

    gonna comment to boost this post but also wanna say love seeing all this backlash against nfts comparative to feedback in favor of, I'm glad some people have their heads screwed on proper

  • Mirdini

    Yeah please don’t Skype yourselves, Discord has been pretty neat and I’d prefer not to have to find a new chat client.

  • alternatebam

    you're embarrassing yourselves

  • Endless Ecstasy

    after learning discord not only made a survey that was incredibly biased *towards* NFTs that they didn't even send out to the whole userbase, i am afraid that most of us reasonable people will have to jump ship due to the simple fact it seems the company does not care for our actual genuine input on the matter. this is incredibly dissappointing and even depressing. it is clear people on discord's staff team are just as invested in crypto bullshit as the poor folk who get scammed by it and the deplorable people who scam them, and that even if there is public outrage, they will likely do nothing about this.
    i am just glad they teased this feature instead of fully implementing it under all of our noses instead, so that there is a chance they will grow a brain and conscience and back out of this.

  • La_Rana

    NFT are bad. I agree with everyone else. Come on Discord. Don't fall on the bait, NFT will cause your death

  • Lukas

    I'll be cancelling my Nitro if this becomes a thing.

  • MsMythchief

    I will cancel my Nitro and start using a competitor if Discord goes into NFTs and Blockchain nonsense.

  • rica

    Sincerely hope your team rethinks this decision.

  • MozarteanChaos

    i've had a nitro subscription since 2018, and have cancelled it in the wake of the crypto news. clearly, the cryptobro part of discord's user base is a minority, so why does discord feel the need to pander to them?

  • Kiri

    For all that is sacred, do not ruin years of goodwill by implementing NFT/ETH integration. 


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