Cryptocurrency has no place on Discord—or anywhere.


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  • TerrariaIsBestOwO

    boosting this

  • aurelian

    Much appreciated, Terraria!

    As another user has noted this, I would like to add that there's been quite a bit of name-calling from the pro-cryptocurrency crowd, including remarks that are blatantly transphobic and classist.

    These people shouldn't be on your platform to begin with; if these people are the ones you're trying to please here, you're both appealing to the wrong audience AND going back on your claims that you want to make Discord safer and more diverse!  This is so OPPOSITE of what I've come to expect from Discord.  Please don't encourage this sort of behavior.

  • pitoumugis

    aurelian Very well said!! This is very true!! If this is the kind of community Discord wants to create now, a gathering ground for a money laundering scheme ran by crypto bros who don't care about the environment and have no qualms spewing transphobic, classist, or other cruelties, I want no part of it-- I've already cancelled my Nitro until they make a statement deciding not to go through it this :(

  • quail egg

    aurelian my thoughts exactly :( every single person that's come here to say something about crypto has immediately started off by condescending, or saying something entirely offensive about the rest of discord's user base. I don't think I'll be able to look at discord the same way ever again if they opt to side with people who believe digs about IQ or Pronouns make them better than others.

  • Prethor

    That is incredibly ignorant.


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