"Lots of problems we need to work through" is not what we want to hear.


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  • doodlemancy

    all this says to me is that he wants to wait until the outrage has died down, do it anyway, and hope there isn't energy left for another firestorm. i'm keeping my wallet closed until we get a better statement lol

  • MozarteanChaos

    it does at least show that the feedback is being heard, but yeah, that's... not really committing to it. we need something more... decisive, i guess? commital??? ykwim

  • Falcolmreynolds

    Definitely. What we want is a permanent "We will not be doing this, ever." we don't want a statement of "ooohhhh sorrryyy maybe we'll do it LATER and not NOW"

    We want a reversal and a firm statement that our opinions have weight. We don't want a flimsy excuse the CEO hides behind so he can get back to work on ditching our planet for a quick buck behind our backs once we think it's blown over.


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