Discord Client (MacOS) wants to connect to IP (many) addresses. Why?


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  • donovan_dmc

    a.) That's not what these forums are for
    b.) Discord uses cloudflare, which distributes their traffic across several reverse proxy servers, ergo several ip addresses

  • nap

    Re (a):  Then where is the right place to post my question?

    Re (b): this is not a CloudFlare issue, as a domain name <hash>.cloudflare.com would be flagged by the firewall.

  • jongore

    Discord needs to connect to different IP addresses for different reasons, such as connecting to its servers, updating the client, and using third-party services like Twitch and Spotify. The IP addresses your firewall is reporting could be these servers. It's safe to allow Discord to connect to the necessary IP addresses, but you can look them up online to check if they're legitimate or malicious. While unlikely, it's possible that the IP address could be associated with malicious activity, but Discord is generally a safe platform.


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