Keep old compact mode as an option [resolved]


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  • william b

    Seems like a small change at first glance, but it makes all single-line messages twice as tall.

    Defeats the purpose of compact mode.

  • I was going to comment this as well. This new version makes compact mode useless. It only removes the pfps. Compact is suppose to be, compact, and reduce the amount of space a message takes up on the screen. in this new version it does nothing to do that but remove the pfp which is barely anything when comparing that to large or multiple texts from a single person. I would like to as well see a reversion or an option for the old/legacy compact. I personally view that to be better than what is currently in place. 

  • StarShadow

    This change completely removed the whole reason that compact mode was used. I wish it would either be reverted to the old behavior or add an "inline text" switch that can be toggled when compact mode is on.

  • Marzzombie

    glad im not the only one that doesn't like this change. It's just comfy mode with no profile pictures and isn't even very compact as william b says. 

  • Adam

    YeEEEp they should remove this, because you know COMPACT chat used to BE COMPACT but now it isn't 

    I would never thought that i would register here and write something, but i do so that means thats reeeaaly bad change, they should at least add old compcact mode

  • Neit

    There's a preview window on the settings page. When I swap between cozy and compact I see the same 4 lines of text now. What's worse, I can lower the spacing in cozy and see 5 lines of text, so cozy is actually more compact than this new compact.


  • AvoxPaine

    I logged in today very confused with what was going on with my messages. This new change isn't compact at all, it really just removes profile pictures. At this point you're better off using cozy mode because compact looks like a jumbled mess now. 

  • Adam

    Normal version: 


    Compact version:



    ~70% longer

  • william b

    Forgot to say, but to the folks at Discord, thanks for doing what you do, and thanks for listening to us complain <3

  • chickdan

    This has to be a bug, it takes more space than the "non-compact" option.

  • unintelligible

    Agree. This is absolutely horrible. I literally had to figure out how to make an account on discord support to agree with you, because appearntly you can't sign in with your normal discord account, which is the most unintuitive, user unfriendly thing, sort of like how making compact mode like cozy mode is the most unintuitive and user unfriendly thing.

  • MufinMcFlufin

    So yeah, agreed with everyone here that something should be done. From what I've seen with the sliders, it looks like they're trying to unify the two modes into one system. If this is the case then I recommend giving a few more toggleable/adjustable options to the user for things such as "Show Profile Picture" or "Message Below Username".

    This would unify both systems and allow users (such as most of us here in this thread) who prefer the old compact view to let it work the way they want.

  • Kautzman

    Also came here to write this.  Stop copying Slack.  Slack is a disaster and a UX nightmare.  It's beyond frustrating how incompetent modern UI designers are.  At least expose the option to me.

  • Jeff Huffman

    Made an account just to say: Fix this now!

    I'll genuinely probably stop using discord if it stays this way.

    Also another example of the problem with closed platforms. We're at the mercy of the creator's whims, with no recourse, besides risking getting banned for using 3rd party clients...

  • Demonfang Arun

    Well I see I don't have to create this post. Tagging along to say this is stupid as well. Short messages now take up a lot more space, and also the line spacing is way too big. Fix this crap, and stop changing stuff for the sake of change.

  • Shadow

    I hope this is a bug and not intended. I even tried to go to Discord Testers server to ask around but I can't talk there for some reason. If it's intended, someone needs to revise their layout concepts and the meaning of "compact". Now it's way far from IRC style, as it's described on Settings.

  • I want the world to burn

    Came here to say the same thing and even signed my account up for this site just so I can agree with the other people here. Bring old compact back at least as an option. I've been using compact mode for years and now it's completely redundant

  • Sachino

    Please fix this. The old compact mode was much better! There's no reason to use Compact over Cozy mode now.

  • Blaank Mechanic

    Put it back, right now.

  • 404dcdcc

    It appears this was a bug and has now been reverted.

    Thanks for all your support

  • Demonfang Arun

    Can confirm this has been reverted back to how it was before. Close and re-open to force update if you haven't gotten it yet.


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