pin message in text channel/voice


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  • CsBlastoise

    I second this.  Even threads can have pins, and one can connect to a VC's chat without joining voice, so it's basically a text channel.  Why not allow pins?

  • polyphanes

    Third.  The way I handle my server, we use pinned messages for announcements, coordination, and resource links.  We have a separate textchannel to correspond with our voicechannels, and we'd like to use this integrated textchat feature, but I need to be able to pin messages for reference to keep my server's members abreast of what's going on.  

  • darkcrab

    Thank you for the suggestion Vali and polyphanes provided good examples that i agree with.

    One thing i would specify: I guess that this new "text chat in voice" feature was also supposed to get rid of those already mentioned corresponding text channels, which would be an improvement for a better clarity on a server. Without pinned messages i can't get rid of those corresponding text channels though and i would love to reduce my voice channel folder by half.


    please give text chat in voce some love discord!

  • Name

    I agree that pinned messages would be great in voice text channels, specifically ones in stages. I was just in a stage channel and they spammed a link in the voice text channel. It would have been much better if they could have posted it once then pinned the message, and told people to check the pins.


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