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  • tasareinspace

    It looks so bad, it's basically unreadable, discord please fix this! You have a lot of low vision/legally blind users who want to be able to use discord to connect. Gaming is so important to the disability community in general, please make this little fix that enables people to use your amazing service!

  • Justin Grays

    You gotta fix this, Discord. Please be accessible.

  • Kii

    Discord- This problem has gotten worse with your recent update. I'm low vision and can't use the app at all anymore. I contacted you about this in January 2020 and still it has not been fixed. 

  • Cass Meehan

    Discord, accessibility features should not be based in popular demand, they should be based in basic decency to make your app as usable as possible for your user base. Properly working accessibility features is a win for everyone. It's 2022--Do better.

  • Endearing

    Up. Accessibility issues should be addressed regardless of how many upvotes the topic has on a support forum - sincerely hoping this will be looked into soon.

  • writingprotagonist

    Discord should function like any other messaging app and actually provide accessibility.

  • Corrie

    This really shouldn’t be a issue. Discord is for communication, it needs to be accessible.

  • Erin Jolley

    Communication apps should be accessible to EVERYONE. Do better, Discord.

  • Jinn

    I would love to know that all my friends can actually teach me through here. Accessibility should be included, especially when a team member has been made aware of the issue!

  • Siri Wesen

    Please resolve this issue, accessibility should not be based on popularity or votes!

  • Ethanos

    Accessibility should never be based on popularity, that makes no sense! And the fact that this has been an issue for years is ridiculous

  • Lucy Danger

    Yes please make it more readable and accessible! Please also adjust it so that all of the emojis are visible in full with larger text settings.

  • Aleck

    Discord is incredibly popular so accessibility is a necessity, through which its popularity can only increase due to an uptick in usage from the blind and vision impaired communities. Large text is used by more than just these minorities, some people use large text to substitute forgetting their reading glasses, or simply to make life easier. Accessibility should already be the norm, not just for popularity clout. Do better

  • Kaykao

    Accessibility is a crucial function of any communication app and should be the default, not a privilege given only if the idea is popular enough. That such a simple issue - a container resizing to properly fit its text content - has not been fixed in years is a frankly ridiculous oversight on Discord's part. And in any case, making your app function properly with a device's accessibility features can only increase the number of people using it.

    I sincerely hope this is fixed soon.

  • zombubble

    If we based every accessibility-based accommodation on popularity, the world would be more hostile and inhospitable than it already is to people with differing needs. Take some initiative and be proactive about accessibility features for your userbase. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it's sure to bring more users who would appreciate a company that looks out for them, and they in turn will bring more users, etc etc.

    Bottom line though, be kind. Be accommodating.

    It's 2022. Do better than forcing these sorts of features to win a popularity contest before being considered. 

  • Dylan McAdam

    Echoing a couple of comments to say that Discord is, first and foremost, a communication app, and a communication app that isn't accessible for everyone is useless; as well as that basing accessibility on the popularity of a request for accessibility is so incredibly messed up that I don't have the words to express how messed up it is.

  • spacescaptain

    Regardless of the "popularity" of the request, this is an accessibility issue that needs to be remedied. In 2010, the DOJ determined that websites need to be ADA-compliant like any other business; this is non-compliant!

  • bjrenae

    I have to use a magnifying glass to use discord because of very blurry vision!!!  It's a slow and cumbersome problem just to use an app.  I also really need the functions of being able to add labels or sort my friends/contacts into groups/folders.  In addition, since several contacts change their screen name periodically to something other than their real name, I need to be able to modify/add to their name where it would only show up on my end so I can identify them.

    PLEASE stop making normal accessibility issues resolvable by popularity!!!  That is just plain RUDE and you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!


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