Ability to collapse forums


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  • TomDev

    Agree, definitely would be a useful feature to have.

  • PawPomb

    This ability is for sure needed.

  • Sab

    Please incorporate this!!!!!! <3333


    The desire to compact and consolidate channels is HUGE on my server. We love the organization that Forums offer but not being able to minimize them is a super bummer!

  • Sab

    Okay, so Forum topics are not collapsing by default... 


    HOWEVER, when I clicked an active voice channel and clicked ''open chat'' to open that voice channel's specific chat channel the Forums are now collapsing. This temporary workaround affects only YOU, however it can be replicated by others!

    Click a voice channel > open chat > close the chat = Profit!

  • BlackMaze

    Completely agree!

    Forums are a great opportunity to clean up chat and the channel list but right now the forums create too much chaos.

    The channel list becomes bloated very quickly and topics there are in the order of their creation date. This is super limiting.

    If I have a forum channel about hardware, I want people to freely talk in a general post and I want people to create their own topics.

    None of this I would want to show up on the left channel bar unless they open up the hardware forum channel.

    Just like voice channels, it would help if we could type directly into a forum channel.

  • speedweed

    We absolutely need this to happen. The clutter is unbearable in the sidebar. Forums were supposed to alleviate this not make it worse.

  • TK

    This is desperately needed, I'm surprised they didn't think about it after months of development...

  • Athlios

    Absolutely agree. Was just about to post the same thing.
    Imagine having 30 posts on a server with 50 text channels.

    Also maybe this is an opportunity to rework threads a bit.
    Do we need both features? Forums kinda look like a better version of threads to be fair.

  • Eve

    Agreed, followed threads should only show up when someone posts a new message- you can access them when there's no new messages regardless so they really don't need to be displayed all the time, just a massive waste of space

  • drventure

    We’ve been moving our communities from Meta over to Discord and this is one of the biggest issues we are encountering with our forums. It would be nice for admins to set the default behavior of forums to be always collapsed and let users change the behavior if desired 🤓

  • Julian_Dumitrascu

    drventure I'm glad you want better service than that from Meta. What are the purposes of some of your communities? I'd try to see how useful it were for me to be a member.

  • Pascal

    Agreed, this is needed.

    Who wants to have a channel list so long you can see other channels? Without it, it completely discourage people from using forums. Because of this, people don't want to reply to many posts to avoid this behavior.

  • anthonycolucci

    Yes, followed threads should only be displayed when someone publishes a new message. Since you can view them even when there aren't any new messages, doing so would be a huge waste of space.

  • ruffboi

    Even if forums can't collapse themselves, if I collapse a category they're under, they should absolutely disappear like everything else. The fact that they don't is frustrating and making them clutter up my server's channel list.

  • Happy Musicmaker

    Agree! Please make this happen. The tree become easily very huge  when having several posts in a forum making the forum option quite unusable.. The coding should not be compicated. an icon and some HTML  <DIV> to (un)hide. Why this takes so long ?

  • tanimtoo

    huuuge +1 from me on this!!!

    i think forums should be able to collapse similar to how categories work

    when you collapse a category, the channels don't show up underneath it. they do show up when there's been a new message, which is think would be very useful to keep for forums. you can un-collapse the forum to easily see all posts you follow and then simply collapse it again to only see those you actually have new messages in!

    to;dr the forum collapse could be directly referenced from the category collapse imo!

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