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  • Chris Heintz

    Hard agree. Love it or hate it, reddit is the most successful forums software for a reason. Sorting by upvotes -- especially a simple "hot"/"trending" algorithm of upvotes and time is the best way to organize forums. It should at least be an option.

  • B

    Surprised this functionality wasn't there. We'd really like to use the forum feature as an alternative to for voting on suggestions / features etc. Please add this Discord!

  • D2

    I agree with that, please add this


  • Bloodrush545

    This should be added.

  • Mr_Nobody

    This should definitely be added, especially since this should be easy to implement and would benefit EVERY forum channel out there.

  • John Smith

    Yes, this would make Discord so AMAZING!! Please implement!


    Also related:

    Also, `message_count` and `total_message_sent`and already exists in the API. So this is doable by users, but would be much better done by the Discord team.

  • Real

    This needs to be added. Many Discords use community forums to gauge suggestions - being able to sort by # of reactions is crucial in understanding what communities want most.

  • pablo-dra

    Please make this feature! Understanding which feature, request, or topic your community highlights more is vital for creators to understand what to prioritize and focus their attention on. Like this very same forum (we can sort here by number of votes)!

  • Connor Hanley5872

    +1, need for community feedback in community forums!


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