Make Pin Messages a separate permission to Manage Messages Completada
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Mutual Servers with Bots Completada
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Twemoji 11.2 Completada
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Remove those new giant sqaures when sharing screen Completada
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Stickers System Completada
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Show servername next to Emotes Completada
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In app notifications while watching Go Live streams Completada
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Tag Notification Red Thing Completada
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Accessibility Issues with both Desktop and Mobile Apps Completada
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Gifting Games Completada
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Option To Turn Off Horizontal Scroll On Code Blocks Completada
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Make it possible for you to move channels on mobile. Completada
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Allow Mobile Users to Delete Account Completada
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Mobile indicator on mobile Completada
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Mobile phone number in profile, pull nicknames from contacts, nicknames across servers Completada
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Discord Niro Free Trial Completada
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Server Folders for Phone users Completada
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Scan QR-Code to login Completada
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See who reacts on mobile Completada
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Jump to present Completada
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Suggestion, A way to suppress role-pings. Completada
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Preview link improvement Completada
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Не загружаются GIF в меню выбора GIF Completada
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Contact Profile Finder for Mobile Completada
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Copy Name, Tag button Completada
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Push to Mute button Completada
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Make white mode affect the channel drawer Completada
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!submit accessibility feedback Completada
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Remove Skype integration from Discord Completada
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