NoPing Slash Command
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We should be able to search for symbols in text chat.
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Discord is poison
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Reporting a User
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Select and Move Multiple Voice Chat Members
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A way for GIFs to be organized by order of use
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Shift+delete is broken in the latest versions
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Administrator Bypass as a Channel Permission that you could put on specific Administrator roles.
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Discord Reply mentions preferences
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Allow moderators to archive threads without locking them.
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The ability to turn off or lower quality settings for watching streams
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(Feature Idea) Add Seen Message Icon
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Notifications for specific users
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Text Substitutions on Desktop
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Split Create Thread and Join Threads into seperate permissions
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Gif favoriting function is not working
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Ability to set per Category "Collapsed by default" on Desktop and Mobile
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animated emojis
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Why doesn't discord have a feature to see if your message was read?
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webp support - at least preserve the filename...
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Optional text channels for voice channels
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Allow threads to become full channels, or channels to be converted to threads
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New Discord font is so skinny and it looks like it's from Microsoft Words.
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Administrator Bypass would be nice
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A suggestion for discord friends
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Pasting images show up twice
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Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices
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Shorter Copy message links for FAQs/Guides
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