The new Xbox Game Bar support!
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Visible Facecams In-game
60 votos 12 comentarios
Live stream directly to discord
60 votos 18 comentarios
New Discord Interface is so ugly
58 votos 8 comentarios
New interface is awful
58 votos 7 comentarios
Can we have an option to toggle or go back to the old layout.
58 votos 18 comentarios
This is the worst UI update ever
57 votos 5 comentarios
Please let us change back to the old UI
54 votos 1 comentario
Recognition of game activity Completada
54 votos 47 comentarios
Rectangle Profile background on calls or however it is called
51 votos 13 comentarios
Revert the UI
51 votos 2 comentarios
Pop-up reactions and Highlighting make a pleasant user experience impossible
51 votos 7 comentarios
Adding a way to filter people in the list.
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Profile Banner
49 votos 31 comentarios
Support for Xbox Game Bar with a Discord Widget
49 votos 1 comentario
Revert the Discord Update for user interface
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Timezone Clock Suggestion
49 votos 7 comentarios
Where "legacy Discord" option at?
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The new interface is nothing but a huge step back
48 votos 5 comentarios
Option for enabling legacy appearance.
48 votos 4 comentarios
Accidental Calls
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New Discord Look
47 votos 3 comentarios
REVERT this update or let us have the old discord
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Change the new call overlay back to its original one
46 votos 5 comentarios
A really long and disappointed feedback about the new overlay and every change with it
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This new UI is ugly and distracting
46 votos 7 comentarios
Overlay is not working on minecraft with mods it doesn't detect game activity
46 votos 15 comentarios
Game specific keybinds
46 votos 7 comentarios
List of recent notifications (not mentions)
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