Is it possible to make Discord be dark theme during certain hours of the day?
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Link Bots to Twitch Accounts
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Custom status being overridden
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Help! I can't verify my server. It's blocked
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Botbuilder make a inbuildt Botbuilder on pc so coding a bot doesnt hassle you anymore
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Verified user accounts
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[Suggestion] Make mentions of user IDs visible again - Now they just show "@unknown-user"
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Why slash commands are a bad idea
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Discord overlay toggle lock not working
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3D Sounds and Plugins
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Let Bots Have .gif Avatars Completada
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Discord Bot Maker
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Bahasa Melayu for User Setting Localization
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Soundshare on MacOS Completada
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Verification System
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Discord LITE Respondida
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Server Clock/Time
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Bots Be Able To DM You
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Report Nelly .Terrible discord support
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Server list scrollbar
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Bot Editing Messages
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Adding a Ban user feature by having their discord ID but they are no longer in the server
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discord bot token 2FA feature should be implemented
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Cloudflare has blocked my IP
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Hide option for Stage Discovery...
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Twitch Integration for Twitch Bit Reward Emotes
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Allow bots to be made aware of the user ID of connected accounts.
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Mention Support in Bot Embeds
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Spoiler API Events
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My account is disabled
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