Support for markdown in channel descriptions. Respondida
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Mixer Account Respondida
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24h Slowmode Respondida
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Ability to choose and customize thumbnails in our profile pictures for normal and Nitro users. Respondida
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Alt Manager Respondida
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Sub category quality of life feature Respondida
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Slowmode for different roles Respondida
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Server Discovery | Analytics Respondida
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Discord Server Analytics? Respondida
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Add channel position editing to audit log Respondida
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Customizable profile bios Respondida
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There is no way to REPORT users. Respondida
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why will no one help me Respondida
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Increased server cap Respondida
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Mobile Notifications Respondida
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Separate permission to allow users to bypass slowmode instead of relying off Manage Channel/Server Respondida
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Profile Picture Expanding Respondida
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Сделать возможность входить под несколькими аккаунтами Respondida
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discord should keep backups of servers, incase one is deleted for a bad reason Respondida
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Ability to Clone Roles & Clone Role Permissions in Categories or Channels Respondida
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Prune with roles Respondida
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Account Switch Button Respondida
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Role Categories Respondida
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User-generated role colors Respondida
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Please add Microsoft Authenticator support for 2FA Respondida
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changer d'image de fond Respondida
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Suppress role pings Respondida
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Please Respondida
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seperate roles even offline mode on server Respondida
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Audit Log Information on Deleted Channels Respondida
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