The user is banned from this guild.
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Im spamming your shitty feedback till im unbanned
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Im spamming your shitty feedback till im unbanned
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Discord account disabled immediately after registration
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Please help me recover my hacked account
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Is an account wrongly banned by Discord for violating child safety hopeless?
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fear of losing your account
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Account Disabled Due to Unintentional Policy Violation
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Cannot drag and drop to move channels
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Getting ignored by support after they banned my account for no reason.
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Account got hacked - Changed email
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Age restricted? Read this.
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Account compromised by impersonating a Discord Admin named "Yang zhan"
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Advice to those with lost accounts.
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Activate / Deactivate invitation link
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…so did a bunch of us get suspended for being supposedly underage?
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My account is stuck on a deactivation loop
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Implement the ability to verify two Discord accounts with one mobile number
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My violations have been duplicated despite my account being disabled
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Demande de réactivation de mon compte.
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Demande de réactivation de mon compte
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Hesaba erişimimi kaybettim
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Kucoin Referans Kodu: "QBSADU29" (Haziran 2024)
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User's accounts are getting disabled for no genuine reason, including me.
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Désactivation de mon compte Discord.
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Hacked Account Please HELP
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2 ad doğrulamasını kaldırmak istiyorum
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