Revert to old branding or make the new one optional
87 votos 4 comentarios
New @ tag colors inaccessible for ADHD.
86 votos 3 comentarios
The new color scheme is extreme eye strain, PLEASE do st about it
86 votos 0 comentarios
The new colors and UI are painful
86 votos 4 comentarios
The new colors are eye-straining. They're way too saturated.
78 votos 5 comentarios
New Color Scheme Hard On the Eyes
77 votos 4 comentarios
Updated colours straining and unfriendly, too saturated.
76 votos 4 comentarios
Drawing on Shared Screen
76 votos 20 comentarios
New Ui and branding is actively hostile to Autistic and visually impaired individuals
75 votos 7 comentarios
This color and font is TERRIBLE, I cannot see!!!!
73 votos 3 comentarios
Oversaturation and Sensory Overload.
73 votos 4 comentarios
Ability to switch between gg sans and the old font
72 votos 37 comentarios
Support for those with a need for more than one visible name.
72 votos 7 comentarios
71 votos 10 comentarios
New color is so strong that even my blue light filter can't do anything to it
71 votos 3 comentarios
As a migraine sufferer, I'm considering moving platforms.
68 votos 4 comentarios
The New UI Changes need to be fixed, a list.
66 votos 6 comentarios
No way to disable high contrast appearance when using a high contrast system theme
65 votos 10 comentarios
Revert UI Changes (May 2021)
65 votos 5 comentarios
Physical Pain Caused by the New Blurple
64 votos 9 comentarios
New color provides an (un)healthy dose of headache.
64 votos 1 comentario
Old Color Scheme
64 votos 4 comentarios
Why haven't the branding changes been reversed?
62 votos 5 comentarios
The colour/font hurts my eyes
61 votos 1 comentario
New Update needs to be reverted
61 votos 11 comentarios
New colours, font and logo
59 votos 1 comentario