Dyslexic and Visually Impaired Accessibility
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Discord Accessibility for blind users Planeada
1666 votos 88 comentarios
The New UX Design is Harmful to the Visually Impaired and Colorblind
740 votos 52 comentarios
New update not disability-friendly
629 votos 46 comentarios
New layout extremely hostile towards people with disabilities
622 votos 38 comentarios
Text transcription/live captioning on voice chat
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#ChangeItBack DISCORD LOGO PETITION | 182+ Threads Counted
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It Hurts to Use Discord & Have it Installed
451 votos 31 comentarios
Colors are extremely harsh to eyes as a disabled person
404 votos 6 comentarios
Integrate functions to support the plural community on Discord
393 votos 64 comentarios
The new update blue is not very autism friendly
387 votos 6 comentarios
Indonesian Localization for User Interface
387 votos 62 comentarios
New color and font
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Allow 2 text channels to be opened simultaneously.
247 votos 51 comentarios
New blurple is causing eye strain
221 votos 14 comentarios
Don’t ignore us. This update needs to go away.
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Discord's new redesign
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Catalan language translation of your User Interface ( in all platforms )
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Accesibility, old font please I'm dyslexic and the color hurts my eyes :-(
124 votos 3 comentarios
Fix Your Stuff (or ALLOW CUSTOM CLIENTS) (or BOTH)
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New "Blue" color is way too vibrant. Bring the old "Soft Blue" back please!
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The new reply layout is very difficult to read with dyslexia
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Option to revert to the old theme
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New color causes eyestrain, new font unnecessary, doesn't pass WCAG test.
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Accessibility - Old “Blurple” be an option, some of us are colorblind
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Enlarged Text
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New font is illegible for dyslexics, new color is extremely harsh on the eyes
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New update is an accessibility nightmare
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