Make space between message groups not count for reactions, for consistency
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Stop truncating usernames in streamer mode
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I want last all channels visited to be visible
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Access problem
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Issue with similar channel names
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Members Page - Filter for Users without a specific Role
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Accessibility: Ability to make server icons/avatars stand out less
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Spotify DJ music doesn't show on profile status
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How to avoid mobile app notifications
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Font scaling does not change the size of friends list text
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Pop up screen syllogism
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Feature Request: Favorite Voice/Text Channels
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Add support for AVIF images
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"Changing the channel and ending the participant's screen broadcast is very sad."
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New Image Display Format
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Button to disable / Enable all notifications
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Discord Permissions Interface - Please fix Advanced Permissions!
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Adding new server into the bottom of the list
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Add a keyboard shortcut for minimizing Discord to the icon tray
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locating my clan (Rebel one) in sniper fury
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Expand Discord's Accessibility and Discord Lite
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Live Close Captioning for VC calls
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A second row of servers for us server hoarders
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The minimum aspect ratio of the application window is limited to 19:10
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Show GIF Link Preview Again
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I can't Move Channels (rearrange) Up and down for PC Windows 10.!
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Discord window takes more time to open than other messangers (Linux)
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