Discord audio settings become an invalid state when PS4 controller is plugged in
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Video and Send messages permissions suppressed by Connect
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Add option to stop watching stream in Stage
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Cant look at my own "video"
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Add voice wisper like TeamSpeak / Додайте голосовий шепіт, як у TeamSpeak
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Add 3D Sound function like Teamspeak / Додайте функцію 3D-звуку, як у Teamspeak
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Add option to lower someone's voice volume for everyone
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"Show Camera" in video calls
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Group DM Voice Chat
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Switching camera before streaming
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PS5 Screen Sharing
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Screensharing on Firefox
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Tradução em tempo real para texto
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A feature is needed that allows the use of a laser pointer during a live stream.
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add option to choose the transmission resolution
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Linux - Screen Share Sound Support
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"Show non-video participants" disabled by default
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Fix HDR Screen Share for SDR users
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Mark a stream as mature
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Feature request: Nested voice channels (sub-channels)
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Can we get a Favorites tab in our Discord Soundboard?
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add VST Support
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Add audio-sharing for Linux users!!
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Alternative-Client voice chat patch
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Option to stop Krisp Noise suppression turning off automatically
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Headset going static/not working when opening discord voice options
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