The new discord design.
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username change is bad as expected
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Do not remove the numerical discriminators!
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dont change the usernames!!
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During Covid my Discord Username used to be my second identity
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Forum tag limit
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This username change is going to be a backwards step!
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I am sad about the #number tags going away
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Roles Templates
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Extra customizable to intergraded server bot AutoMod
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Add arabic language to Discord.
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Stop changing the UI
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PLS Do not remove the numerical discriminators
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Discrimators are better
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Add a forum archive timer for a month, year or infinite
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name change is a bad random decision
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Voice messages on Discord Mobile/PC
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Feature request: Allow moving threads from text channel to a forum channel
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Lock forum post without closing them
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Add "Create Polls" Permission
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Do NOT remove the discrimnator
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Use QR Codes and/or a search system for adding friends in person instead of removing discriminators
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Feature request: Deletion of thread title edit comments in threads
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Please consider adding Mastodon to the Connections section
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Allow a way to convert a channel to a forum
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Discord Mobile UI
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Sorting Threads via Post Creator
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