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В Discord: 2018г. Прекрасный Moder и Admin вашего сервера. Учу Community Guidelines, ToS, Privacy Policy.

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  • Torenk Red creó una publicación,

    On complaints

    I would like to return to the support site the ability to send complaints about users who violate our rules by sending a request (Trust & Safety), as it was previously possible. Complaints through ...

  • Torenk Red creó una publicación,

    Bug when trying to reply to a message

    About two or three months ago, I noticed that when I reply to messages from a mobile device, there is no response control panel, and this greatly hinders me (and perhaps not only me), because with ...

  • Torenk Red creó una publicación,

    Deleting a dialog with a user

    (On a mobile device) When deleting the dialog with the use of the discord freezes. This problem is observed only on a mobile device, everything is fine on the computer.

  • Torenk Red creó una publicación,

    Attempt to send a friend request

    I have encountered such a malfunction that when trying to send a friend request to a person who has a limited number of added friends, the request is not sent, and no error pops up in front of the ...